Monday, January 25, 2016

Army Build - Tournament Prep

Work continues apace for the Feb Invitationals. Managed to spend some time this weekend building the models I needed for my 1850 list. Here are some pics so you guys can follow along.

Another 5 join ranks but I am actually short of Scouts! 

Love the model, do not like the build. That Techmarine is so fiddly! 

This was a last minute decision

I chose to magnetize all the weapon options WOOT! That took a lot of time but in the end worth it

Started on these bad boys on Sunday and chose to magnetize all their weapon options too! 
I have to give credit to this chap at 40k Forums. His article really showed how you can magnetize all weapon options, including those big fat fists!

I will be having a game with Jason today and I believe Mark is coming to cheer us on! Looking forward to it!  

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