Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 4 - Skywar of Aeros: A Summary

Hivemind Rico did the reporting during my absence. Over to Rico!

Board made to suit the scenario

The Skywar of Aeros
By Hivemind Rico

Aeros, the massive gas giant platform...

Mined for its precious fuels by the Imperium...

But, the Hivemind has other plans for this planet...

To devour it!

Hivefleet Medusa was sent to test the defence system of Aeros.

Just sending in a small skyblight, the defence proved its worth as Brother Shou Jeen bunkered it with his best defence plans. 

Commanding only one Stormraven gunship, one Thunderfirecannon but Six Hyperios Missile platforms, he took down Hivefleet Medusa (led by Hivemind Rico) with much ease.

Hivefleet Medusa was defeated and digested back into main biomass, sending vital information to the greater Hivemind.

The hivemind decided to unleash the Beast of Lysios (aka Hivemind Marshall).

The Beast led the Terror of Aeros to invade Aeros!
Alan Ironfang sensed a disturbance in the warp and led his company to war!

Commanding 3 different types of fliers (Stormwolf, Valkyrie and Stormraven), Alan Ironfang took his aerial defence.

The Beast not losing out in terms of fliers, took his Terror of Aeros (3 Hivetyrants, 2 Harpies, 2 Hivecrones) and formed a Skyswarm!

Massive Gargoyle swarms attacked the vital objective platforms while the flying monstrous creatures took on the honourable trio!

Alas, the skyswarm was too much to handle for Alan Ironfang! 

There was no choice but to abandon the planet.
For the Beast of Lysios hungers...

Aeros is ours...

Week 4 Results: 
Score 2 (Imperium) - 3 (Tyranids)
Tyranid victory!

And here are some pretty pics! 

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