Friday, October 24, 2014

Batrep: 1850 Altansar Eldar vs Hive Fleet Behemoth

Marshall called me late in the morning to let me know that he can play today! So I packed up my bags and made my way to the game store. This was the start of a very close game. 

I brought my Take All Comers List

Altansar Eldar
Farseer: Jetbike, Witchblade, Runes of Witnessing
Farseer: Jetbike, Witchblade, Runes of Witnessing

Dire Avengers x5: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Jetbikers x3
Jetbikers x3
Jetbikers x3

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders x8
Warp Spiders x8

War Walkers x3: Each armed with Bright Lances x2
Wraithknight: Heavy Wraithcannons x2

Marshall brought this Hive Fleet Behemoth list:
Hive Tyrant with TL Brain Leech Devourers, Wings
Hive Tyrant with TL Brain Leech Devourers, Wings

Hive Guard x3

Ripper Swarm x3
Ripper Swarm x3
Termagants x17 with Fleshborer
Warriors x3 Devourer, Barbed Strangler

Fast Attack
Gargoyle x20
Ravener x5 Rending Claws, Scything Talons

Heavy Support
Biovore x3

Altansar force gathers for war

Powers of Warlord (on the right) and 2nd Farseer (on the left)

Hive Fleet Behemoth
Titan Games had just completed the new Battle Realm board so we just had to play on this beautiful surface. Props to Rico!

Eldar deployment on the right flank

Eldar left flank

Middle of my lines

The Carnifexi were proxying for the Malanthropes

Tyranid left flank

Left flank from a diff angle

Beautiful when all is painted
We rolled up for mission and got The Spoils of War so we both generated up to 3 Tactical Objectives at the start of our turns.

The Hive Fleet forces the Night Fight

Turn 1
Eldar moves up slightly to bring my guns in range

Firing off my shields and managed to kill off the first Synapse creature in the Hive Fleet, one Malanthrope

Shifted my Warlord to my right flank

Only managed to secure one Objective

Both Tyrants fly in

In 1 salvo, the Hive Guard managed to destroy my Wave Serpent

Marshall managed to secure 2 objectives
 Turn 2

Did not manage to bring in any Reserves
Dire Avengers drop back into my lines and the Wraithknight advanced

Deployed the 10 Guardians to pour fire into his Tyrant Warlord

Two options for them

Just love the terrain

Managed to down the Warlord. Most awesome

Scored 4 VPs plus 1 VP for Slay the Warlord

Ever since Turn 1 this unit could not seem to pass it's Synapse test. Hillarious

Shot at my Serpent. Guess where's the Serpent?

3 VPs to Marshall +1 for Slay the Warlord
Ray: 6
Marshall: 6

Turn 3
Both units of Spiders Deep Strike in, risking it to take out that giant

The other Jetbike unit assisted to hit the other Flyrant

Jumped my Wraithknight onto the rubble to prep for a charge

Overview of the carnage in the city

Grounded the Flyrant

Wore this giant down to it's last wound!! 

Jaeger vs Kaiju! Knight took the Flyrant down. 

Scored 3 VPs but was the daring DeepStrike worth it? 

The Raveners finally overcame their Instinctive Behaviour and moved up to threaten my Spiders

Admittedly there was little those Spiders could do against 5 Raveners. The other unit of Spiders didn't fare that well either. 

Both units of Spiders wiped out in exchange for 2 VPs. 
Owing to this mission, it was important that we both secure objectives early otherwise risk the other person scoring it. This was the reason why I sent my Warp Spiders in to get the objectives early.

Marshall scores 2VPs. If I had not sent the Spiders in, he would have scored another 2 VPs, widening our points difference
Ray: 9
Marshall: 8

Turn 4

Most of the actions that we both took were to achieve objectives. At this point, we were both close in VPs

Advanced my army up the middle to eradicate the Gargoyles who were threatening to swarm my Wraithknight which would have tied him up for many many turns. 

Disembarked the Guardians to assist and removed the unit

Took 3 VPs

Love it when all the miniatures are painted

The Raveners comes sneaking up my left flank

And engage the Guardian squad, wiping them out.

Marshall scores 5 VPs
Ray: 12
Marshall: 13

Turn 5
This was getting really interesting. We both were toe to toe with VPs.

I had to advance my other jetbike squad up as far as possible to attempt to steal the objective 4 in Marshall's zone

Definitely a gamble and it didn't pay off. I was shy of 1" to the objective! 

Just 1 more inch! 

So Marshall asked if I would like to reposition hence I did. Gracious playing

Managed to score 3 VPs

These Raveners were forming up to be quite troublesome

This GW board sure looks great! 

Threw all my firepower into the unit of Gants on the left

Lovely board and minis! 

Biovore making a mess of the Eldar lines

Conga of Gants left me with only 2 jetbikers

Marshall scores 2 VPs
Ray: 15
Marshall: 15

Turn 6
I had little left so did he. This was hopefully the last turn

Shuffled most of my stuff backwards to give me some breathing room

While the Farseer bravely fends off this horde

Scored 2 VPs

Pew pew

Assault! Against all odds my Farseer held

Major 4 VP swing to Marshall
Ray: 17
Marshall: 19

Turn 7
This was definitely the last turn. I needed points!

Reversed the Serpent in the hopes of destroying that unit of Raveners

Managed to kill off a few and they fled but they are not destroyed! 

Rolled double 1's for wounding those Termagants! Str8! 

Marshall went for the objectives

And promptly scored them. +2 VPs
Final score:
Ray: 17 + First Blood = 18
Marshall: 19+2= 21

A very close game! Love games like this and I hope I get more! Hope you guys are enjoying your games as much and as always, keep painting keep pwning!

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