Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Decimator Size Comparison

Dropped by the store the other to have a few games of X Wing with Jeremy and Vick. And someone was lucky (or mad) enough to get one of the Gencon early release of the Decimator. I was keen to see how large the model was so took out some of my other models for comparison. Here they are:

Decimator and Shuttle side by side

Decimator next to the Falcon. I was quite surprised that it wasn't so much bigger than the Falcon. 

But the footprint of this model is quite large compared to the other big ships we have.

Available at your LGS at double the retail price! I guess some people are happy to pay for Early Access
Played my Soontir with mini swarm that day. I like the maneuverability of the Interceptor and the Swarm does provide bodies to shield against attacks. 

Jeremy thought that the Soontir Swarm was a little better than my other list below:

My problem with the Defender is the green maneuvers are all straights, forcing me to live with no actions when Stressed. Maybe I just need to fly the Defender a little more.

I also had this list which I tried yesterday with no success:

The Shuttle is really a hard ship to move about on the field. Wrongly assuming that I could do a Gentle 1, followed by a Gentle 1 Boost is a bad idea. Too slow and having so many points invested on an easy to kill ship doesn't make much sense. Played it 3 times against Jeremy with varying speeds but no luck. I guess my playstyle suites the Stress Shuttle more.

I am finding that flying too much Rebels is bad for me. I start to rely on shields and the 360 arc that comes with the Falcon. I need to readjust for Imperials. Or maybe just get loaded dice! 

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