Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mega Warhammer Fantasy Game

We had a mega Warhammer Fantasy battle yesterday at PI Mid Point. 2500 points aside with 2 players to each team. Defu and myself with High Elves while Defeng and You Cai worked with Dark Elves and Tomb Kings. While the game took a little longer than the usual games, we did finish it under 5 hours with deployment time and packing time built in.

There was no real preplanning, we just decided on 2v2 with 2500 points each player so there were no synergistic combinations on the table. Any that did arise were eventual.

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Here are some items I would change for these sort of 2v2 games:

  1. No duplicated magic items if playing the same race - e.g. Banner of Sorcery
  2. No sharing of the BSB - i.e. your BSB only affects your army, not mine
  3. Buffs allowed for alliance
  4. Magic: each player rolls for his magic dice and his direct opponent gets the highest roll of the 2D6. For e.g. YC rolls 5 and 3 while Defeng rolls 4 and 3, I get 5 while Defu gets 4.
Feel free to add stuff on this list! 

Also, in light of the "friendly" game style, anyone wanna adopt the ETC restrictions for our Fantasy games below?

Restrictions on the composition of the army

Army restriction
No army can be doubled, no SOC allowed.

Army size: 2000/2100/2250/2700 points (depending on category, see below) with semi-secret rosters.

General composition rules

- Armies are 2000/2100/2250/2700 points.
- No characters that are: special, named or Albion
- No DoW or RoR in non-DoW armies .

- Rare choices may not be repeated, except for HE, where they can be repeated once for each choice.
- Max. 2 of the same Special choice.
- Max. 3 of the same Core choice, except ranked infantry without missile weapons and beast herds.
- Max. 3 units of chariots (incl. characters).
- Max. 9 PD/10DD in an army *
- Max. 3 units of flyers (incl. characters)
- Max. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20”+ (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots).
- Max. 5 warmachines.

*Magic description
You can use a maximum of 9 power dice in each magic phase. Each bound spell you use count as 1 power dice, all following bound spells used in the same turn counts as 2 power dice.

Every ability that grants the bearer complete knowledge of a single lore counts as one power dice in each magic phase.

All dice you would not normally generate, such as Focused Rumination Slann free dice, Skaven warpstones, night goblin mushrooms, power of darkness etc., also count in the total number of dice you can use in a magic phase.

Tomb Kings count each dice they use for a spell as 1 power dice and casket of souls counts as 2 dice total. They can not chose not to use all the dice when casting an incantation, for example a Liche Priest can’t choose only to use 1 dice on a spell. You can how ever choose not to cast a spell with a model. The 2 basic power dice all armies get only counts if they are used to dispel RIP spells with.

Max 10 dispel dice per army. First dispel scroll (and similar working items) you have in your army counts as 1 dispel dice, in EACH magic phase. The second and all other scrolls, counts as 2 dispel dice in each magic phase. So if you have 3 scrolls you can use a maximum of 5 dispel dice each magic phase. Dice from magic resistance does count in this maximum. Being allowed to reroll your dispel dice every turn counts as 1 dispel dice.

Dice removed by the Chaos Dwarf Chalice of Darkness count as dice used. You remove 3 power dice, you can use only 6 more in your magic phase.

Race specific:
DAEMONS OF CHAOS - Bloodthirster with Immortal Fury, Keeper of Secrets with Siren Song and Lord of Change with Will of Tzeentch count as an additional hero choice; Herald BSB may take either daemonic gifts or a daemonic icon, not both; Daemonic Gifts may not be duplicated (except for Spellbreakers); Horrors are limited to 0-2.
DARK ELVES - Ring of Hotek counts as 3 dispel dice each phase; every assassin after the first counts as a hero choice; Shades limited in unit size to max.10; Pendant of Khaleth counts as a hero choice.
EMPIRE - Steam Tank counts as two Rare choices
LIZARDMEN - Characters mounted on Stegadons also use the relevant special or rare slot; Max of 6 Terradons in army; discipline Becalming Cogitation count as 2 dispel dice. Max. 2 Stegadons of any type
ORCS & GOBLINS - Max 6 goblin fanatics.
VAMPIRE COUNTS - The Drakenhoff banner counts as an additional hero choice; Every +1 to cast in the army counts as 1 powerdice in each phase.
WOOD ELVES - Treeman Ancient counts as Treeman.

The ladder system:
All armies are divided into four categories; A, B, C and D. Category A armies are limited to 2000pts, B to 2100pts, C to 2250pts and C to 2700pts.

When calculating victory points at the end of the game, once you have the result, then add 10% to any category A army's losses rounding off as normal. Any category D army would conversely have its losses reduced by 20%

Category A (2000pts)
Demons of Chaos
Dark Elves

Category B (2100pts)

Category C (2250pts)
Skaven (to be confirmed in February)
Beastmen (to be confirmed in April)
Chaos Dwarfs
High Elves
Warriors of Chaos
Tomb Kings
Wood Elves

Category C (2700pts)
Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs & Goblins
Dogs of War 


  1. good stuff enrgie... I dunno much about warhammer fantasy but why is terrain with fantasy always much much more sparse and very 2 dimensional?

    Does this have anything to do with the way fantasy is played vs. 40k?

  2. Thank Jay.

    It's definitely more sparse than 40k. Think Braveheart, Lord of the Rings and any medieval battles. They were all fought on open fields at a time where there was less urbanization. Kept the villagers safe too.

    Fantasy can be made very nice wi the inclusion of tall towers but they tend to be centrepieces. Forests are the most important followed by hills, rivers and bogs. Think nature.

    You've got any good tips for forests?

  3. I dunno how others do it but heres my way of going about it. It’s a very cheap method but may need some help from a friend who doesn’t mind getting minor pricks on their finger tips.
    Firstly you will need electrical wires. The gauge of the wire (diameter) will determine how thick your tree trunk is.

    1. Cut off a piece of wire, around 4-5” should be a good scale for 28mm minis, strip the top of the wire leaving a little bit of the rubber insulation at the bottom. This bit will be the tree trunk.

    2. With the exposed metal wiring, carefully grab a few strands to twist and bed bend into the shape of the branches. Depending on what tree you are making, you can trim the wire “branches” after ur done shaping all of the exposed wiring.

    3. Precut thin strands of paper (approx. ½” wide) to be used as papier-mâché. Use this to wrap around the branches and trunk. When dry, paint the branches and trunks brown.

    4. With a few pieces old dish washing sponge, preferably the cheapest and coarsest type, smudge on some various shades of green/yellow modeling paint. This will be the color of your foliage. Let this dry under the sun until the sponge is rock hard. Then throw the colored sponge into an
    old food grinder and grind the sponge into small grain-like pieces.

    5. Apply white glue to the wire/branches and dab the branches with glue into the sponge/foliage mixture. You now have a DIY tree!

    Furthermore, if timing is an issue, I’ve seen plastic model tree trunk with branches only so you can buy to skip a few steps. Hope this was informative.

  4. Thanks Jay. We have those nice trees actually, just that the store does not make it like us. You should see my magnetized forest. The trees can be removed from the base when you want to move your units through them and then the trees come back down on the same spot once the unit passes. Accurate and nice too. We used Scenic trees.

    What I mean is how do you make the battlefield interesting?

  5. NO CHEESE!!!

    I blame the dice for the lost hahaha. Rolling 5 insane courage in the game for undead = not good.

    I think I underestimated the wet lions. Should have charged the warsphinx, ushabtis and TK unit together at it.

  6. Yea, the dice Gods were a little unkind to you that day. The Wet Lions are really slick! Hahaha! I love that unit. With High and Life Magic, they were also indestructible! OMGWTFBBQ! LOL!

  7. whats a wet lion? is it something like a wet willy?

  8. It's a White Lion - YC was just being funny. You should play Fantasy Jay!



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