Thursday, June 3, 2010

Army Profiles

Looking at Jason's army on Tuesday, I just realised that some of us have really beautiful armies. He was one such example.

Dakkadakka inspired me with their army profiles in 1998 when I was still a wee lad in Junior College. The idea is to have each player display their current painted collection and a picture of them to the website. I will put up a new category called Army Profiles.

Now I am aware that some of us (YC I'm looking at you) that have not completed our army or feel that it's a long way to go to completion. The good news is that the Army Profile is constantly being updated. It will be updated when you finish a new squad, add a new vehicle, add a monster. The idea is for it to be undergo organic growth with each of you making changes as and when you are done.

My Nids are far from done and I feel ashamed. My Eldar are all in Malaysia so it will take awhile before those guys will be posted on this webby.

I will still shoot a few pictures and use the Army Profile as my check and balance - to remind me what I want to achieve and complete. Hopefully this inspires you guys as well!


  1. My painted models can use 1 hand to count hahaha

  2. LOL! Now it will change with the first 10 completed!

    No worries, we will keep building on the models you have as you guys participate in my "events".

    We need to have a painting party too!

  3. dude, my profile will be a blob of grey... maybe a profile pic of our best army instead of the whole thing? a think having a fully painted list could possibly be enough... what u think boss?

  4. I will show you guys what I have in mind as each of my units are completed. You can also build your own page for your army! Just display, take pics and design it here! I'll create a permanent link for you.

  5. Sounds interesting! Like a blog within a blog :))



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