Monday, June 7, 2010

Tale of 6 Gamers: Spearhead

By now you guys must have seen the Spearhead rules online or from the June 2010 White Dwarf. And I am certain I can hear tanks, walkers and monstrous creatures rumbling in the distance.

So the next challenge is to paint up something for Spearhead. Now for the challenge, you can choose any one of your tanks, walkers or monstrous creatures.

As for this event, it starts 7th June to 21st June. Now commit your vehicle of choice!

  1. enrgie: Carnifex
  2. j-hova: Tank horde completion (11 x tanks)
  3. Beef Nuggets : Hellhound Squadron (3 x tanks)


  1. I am committing my Carnifex - which I mainly use to proxy my Tervigons.

  2. i bought it pre-built and pre-painted in grey... I need to space wolfalize it... lol thats why i think i can do it in 2 weeks... haha

  3. I shalldo 3 hellhounds for my Mehcanized army.
    One of them is painted up 80%. (as a color test piece)
    The other 2 have simply been primed black.
    So that leave 280% of tanks to paint up. Which I feel is alright as tanks tend to be painted up fairly quickly. And more is always good!

    Therefore I shall commit the completion of my hellhound squadron to this challenge.

  4. Love how you guys are really challenging yourselves and rising to the task!

  5. Hi Ray,

    My vehicles stash is at home in Singapore man. I didn't get to bring it over lol! The only vehicles i got are my Eldar Wave Serpents and a Falcon. Almost done except for details haha!

  6. Time to head down to the store and buy a new one! We can't have too many tanks!

  7. Lol! I'll go see what they got, them minis ain't as cheap here. I'll see if i can tap into my defense budget for the month heheh!

  8. @enrgie: Defense budget is how much i allow meself to spend on miniatures hehe!

    I'll be taking the opportunity to do up my Cthulhu Themed 40K Daemon Army. As they don't really have vehicles but creatures/daemons, i shall do something from the Heavy Support Section.

    Will assemble and paint up another Daemon Prince (aka Starspawn of Cthulhu).

    So i'm in for yet another Tale yes? ;P

  9. Of course you guys are allowed! I just came up with a theme since Spearhead was released and you guys would have been itching to complete your tanks etc.

    YC, drop pod is good!

    Sam, yes, show us your completed model after that!



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