Monday, June 7, 2010

Pregame Intell on Alex's 1500 Iron man list

Hi guys, about a year ago, when I was completely oblivious on how to play 40k, I had my ass handed to me sideways by a friend of mine who runs a ultra marines list which he has dubbed "The Iron Man List"

I guess the HK gaming crowd isn't as big and many urban legends and half-truths about this particular list have emerged. People have said it is possibly the toughest SM list in hkg. I think its blasphemous... even tho I'm a newb but I like the challenge... Anyhow, I'm pretty sure Alex is very confident of his list. I wanted to get some of your input in how my puppies can crack Alex' smurfs... some intell on what i'll be facing;

  • master of the forge aka "iron man": conversion beamer, the further you are away, the stronger the beam
  • sgt. telion: gives his bs to the scouts he's with sniper rifles
  • 3 tacticals squads of 10 men strong... usually armed with melta gun and flamers. Rhinos included
  • Possibly 3 basic ass-can dreads
  • 3 preds or a mixture with ML or LC devestators...
My strategy:

ok... i need a few beers before i can do this properly but I was thinking of either empty deathwind drop pod into his rear with 2 drop pods to distract his iron man while I move up or... since his scouts are for taking wounds anyways, Jaws of the world wolf may be good for a situation like this... I was thinking about putting 4 rune preists... each with their own rhino or all 4 of them in a Land raider and just jaws him to death.... since jaws doesn't allow u to allocate who dies... if the lines touch that character... he must go... no one else... anyhow... I need help... hahaha. please give your 2 cents..


  1. I have very little clue as to why this list is powerful but a few quick tips to take on Marines in general:

    1. Power Weapons - get as many as possible
    2. AP3 weapons - bring them in droves
    3. Jaw - this is the best thing happening in your codex at the moment so do bring it
    4. Lone Wolves - power weapon wielding guys

    Give us a battle report!

  2. Er.... Not to burst your bubble, enrgie, but Jaws is pretty bad. A 1/3 chance of killing a Marine if you manage to get in range and land it (worse against characters)? I don't think so.

    To be honest, this "Iron Man" list sounds pretty terrible. His fire support has very limited or no mobility, so it shouldn't be hard to cut it off from the rest of his force. Add on limited shooting combined with no CC threat and you're looking at a very easy list to counter. Off the top of my head:

    -He has no real way to deal with Thunderwolves, either the Fast Attack version or Lords riding them. You can expect a turn 2 charge.

    -No psychic defenses. Living Lightning is golden, add in a utility secondary and you're good to go.

    -If he has Preds, just make sure you're getting side shots on them. (If he hides them where this isn't feasible, just stick behind cover or out of range, as they'll probably be in an awkward spot.) Tri-Lascannon ones are horribly overcosted, just get a Land Speeder near one or charge it with some Thunder Hammers; single-Las aren't that much of a threat, try and glance it and break the gun off.

    -If he has Devs... laugh. Laugh at his worthlessness. Just kill them the way you'd kill any other Marines. A Las/Missile team is going to cost him an absurd number of points.

    -Scouts with Telion are fine for holding an objective, just send something in a vehicle over to play with them. AV11 tends to make them cry. Alternately, send some melee in there.

    Your main advantages as SW are superior melee (thanks to counterattack and BP + CCW + Bolter) and superior HQ options when it comes to melee and psychic. Make sure you use them.

  3. I knew there would be someone out there reading that's got a better grasp of the rules for both sides!

    Awesome comment Puppy!

    Introduce yourself to us!

  4. @abusepuppy... Thanks for your input... u definitely provided me with some insight with what direction I should go with my list... I've actually got 3 thunderwolves calvary converted and completed but have not yet seen battle... Thanks again buddy!



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