Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Predator (wulfen color pattern) WIP

Finally got over my procrastination of painting. Thanks to Ray's constant encouragement I finally mustered enough strength between work, rock climbing, running and 40k games to begin works on 3 predators which will be joining my space wolves vehicle armory.

A bit of background info, my sw army is mainly shadow grey with sw grey highlights. The "artifacts" in my army ie Landraiders, dreadnoughts are the lighter grey as depicted in the previous editions of sw to echo the idea of older and more revered machines. This time coming, i wanted my preds to have a more sinister feel. I want them to stick out from the rest with a darker feel. As you can see, my inspiration came from some real black furred wolves... Much more badass then huskies right? Comments are always welcomed!


  1. The Predators are my fav vehicle models. If all the vehicles are in that scheme then it will work. However, if you have only these guys in a different colour scheme, I will worry about it looking out of place.

  2. I love tanks! Let's get a Spearhead game together!

  3. Cool Preds you got there! The paintjob by itself is great as it is. I think it can still work in the army as its a different shade of grey ;)

    Alternatively, can add bitz to make it less neat or tidy as they are the Wulfen. Or mebe a touch or red gore and chaos black (the wulfen colors).

  4. skanwy... ur the man... i'm thinkin about red, black and thin stripes of white... all the lenses and sensory bling is gonna be redish... like glowing evil eyes... btw... did I mention my wolves have a preferred diet of tyranid meat? theres a way to cook them to resemble crustacean seafood! lol j/k ray

  5. Cool! I think the red black stripes will work out well man, as will the 'predator eyes' :)

    LOL! Tyranid with chilli crab sauce ;P



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