Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forgeworld and Dreadnoughts.

So my Forgeworld Order arrived. And man was I excited at the prospect of many dreadnoughts for my new Blood Angel List!
First was this Furioso Dread. I could not resist the beauty of the Venerable Dread Model. I found the wings very appropriate for a BA dread with all the bling and wings the new range is getting! The arms are metal furioso arms from my old collection. And the Blood Talons are from the Bjorn the fell handed Dreadnought model. (I actually got this bitz from GW nottingham HQ when I was on holiday there in year 2000!!! Gosh it's been 10 years?!?!)
This Death Company Dreadnought 1 is my my old Furiosio Dread (that I have since not painted). And I have used the new forgeworld Close Combat Arms to represent the blood talons.
Similarly using the forgeworld CC arms on this simple Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought. I simply shaved off a little detail on the front. This shall be Death Company Dreadnought 2.
All the dreads for a groupshot! The painted dread at the back is a normal Multi-Melta Armed Dread. Now I'm awaiting the 4 droppods that I ordered from Maelstrom!!!


  1. Wow! The Dreads look both imposing and awesome at the same time! The Forgeworld one does stand out as a leader :) Very nice!

  2. DC dreadnought looks sick!!!

  3. That conversion is scary. In fact, 4 dreads are scary...

    I have used close combat to take down my opponents tanks but they could not hit back. Dreads on the other hand can rip my Trygons!



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