Friday, June 4, 2010

Predator (wulfen color pattern) WIP All primary highlights done

I did 2 layers of highlights on every single edge on 3 preds... after assembly, these 3 tanks took only 3 days to do... base coat, primary color, wash & highlights... a personal record for me... say hurray for the bad guy!


  1. Goo job man! I definitely appreciate the effort put in the highlighting. It looks simple but takes some effort and a steady hand for the second/final highlight :)

  2. Awesome work man! My Trygon is looking forward to opening those cans up! LOL!

  3. I remember even in death, my empty rhinos doubling up as a explosive car bomb for your little bugs on many occasions. hahaha KABOOM all over ur face...

    thats what I said lol



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