Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tale of 6 Gamers: First Challenge Complete!

Hey fellas!

I'm proud to present my 10 models which I had committed and completed. While they are lowly 5 points per gaunt, I am still very pleased with the level of quality. Took more time than I expected mainly due to the washes taking forever to dry but it is effective for finishing large units. However, I did go back to highlight the skin and that took a lot of time - precise work.

I love how the carapace turned out too. With streaks, you'll see the subtle gradation. Hope you enjoy them!

I believe that by putting a deadline on a set of models I pushed myself to complete each aspect of the model. I was really tempted at many junctions to go on to the next few models but stopped myself until the original 10 I committed were as complete as possible. Believe me, if not for the deadline, I would have 30 gaunts all painted semi complete. Having passed this first barrier of 10, now I can go on to finish more! 


  1. Hi Ray!

    The gaunts look fantastic! I love the carapace! It gives a very natural progression from the carapace to the skin tone.

    Yea man, agree with ya fully, the deadline did help me to focus as well :)

    Great job bro!

  2. I like the skin. Awesome shot with terrain also.

  3. Gaunts look great! Won't want to face them on a dark night.
    Btw, who do you post on your blog? can't seem to find the option to allow me to do so.
    Wanna post my photos of my SM scouts.

  4. Thanks Dan! I have actually added you as a contributor previously as The Beardy One.

    Okay, I'll add your Yahoo email add to the list of contributors. If not, then let me know what is your email address and I'll send you an invite



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