Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Airbrushed Angels.

Today I tried doing some real airbrushing for my miniatures. And my test subjects were none other than my Blood Angels Assault Squad 01. I figured I would jump straight into doing some real minis to force me to do it properly and to not waste any more time or paint on guinea pig models!

So here are my first airbrushed Blood Angels!
First coat of Mechrite Red.
Then some Bloody Red.
Each time a new color was introduced I tried to leave a little underneath with the darker colors showing. This was a simple method I picked up from AwesomePaintJob. This helps with the shading of the miniature. Just be careful where you would want the light source to be from. For simplicity. I simply chose it to be from the top 45degrees.
Right after the base colours were done. I painted all other non red parts with black. And Badab Black washed directly into the creases. Being careful not to "dirty" the other parts of the armour as I have no intention of going over the armour parts again.

I found that sometimes it pays to be just that slightly careful and neat. So that you don't have to go back and paint over those parts you made a mistake with. Thus saving valuable time. And things could get worse if the color does not match anymore!

Then I hard edged highlighted the armour with blazing orange. And I guess the armour is complete!

Now to get to the little details and the model is completed.

Minus the time it takes to airbrush the main color. Each miniature should take about an hour to complete.



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