Thursday, June 17, 2010

8th Edition Warhammer.

Well I'm sure most of us has seen this video and heard the news.

8th edition warhammer is already upon us, the next thing we know we'll be busy showcasing our Fantasy armies and discussing about how to make the nicest, strongest, coolest movement trays for our armies. And believe me when I say movement trays since all the news and sightings of the latest edition points at the return of big blocks of units and their advantages.

I personally skipped 7th edition Fantasy altogether. But remember vaguely how units of 10 models in 2 ranks seem to be the configuration of choice. Heck I even read in on of the comments on Bols that finally "fantasy games are going to have more models than a 40k game again!"

All this sounds like great news for a horde lover like myself. And I am already excited with the prospect (spending money) of new armies to collect, and which old one to finally dust of the shelves to see battle!

I am going to use this opportunity to finally finish up my Dark Elves and am seriously thinking of starting a Bretonnian army!

~ So folks I am sure many are already "fantasizing" about the upcoming edition. Would be good to hear your thoughts on this and armies that you are going to do once Fantasy gets into full swing next month!


  1. Thanks Melv!

    Yes, indeed I am going to need to redo all my movements bases again! And to think I spent a lot of time and effort cutting them up and preparing them!!

    Btw, do you guys wanna keep this blog as our 40k fix and create another for Fantasy?

  2. I don't see a need to split it. After all most players in the GW hobby are involved in both game systems one way or another.

    After the blog name change I think keeping it for both systems should be fine.

    Another blog means another thing to keep track and maintain. I'd rather have a one stop for us all.

    I believe one blog is fine.

  3. Nice, time to dust my Dark Elf army off its shelf.

    Perhaps I may even finish painting the final 5 of my 18 Executioners.

    But the rumours going around seems to be introducing rules that give Dark Elf armies a whack in the face.

  4. I'll be finishing up my Bretonnian Army :) For the Lady!!

  5. I'm loving the new edition changes, but it seem to promote people to play horde. Play horde = buy more models = higher profit for GW.

  6. @crazyrat: Agree manz haha! Its good on sales for GW. Mebe i can consider revisiting the Bret Peasant army if horde is really the scheme of new things to come in Warhammer ;P

  7. Who can complain when we can have more models! :)



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