Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1750 space wolves vs. salamanders vulkan he'stan list

Alirght guys, once again another battle report. This one was part of our training battles we have been conducting in hopes to help eachother refine and retool our lists for the upcoming tournament in Hong Kong.

A bit of background info; my opponent alex has been known in hk to have the deadliest space marine list in the city. Not much of a claim for a population of 7 million seeing there isn't more than 30 people who play 40k but still nonetheless the best in my region.

This batrep shows how space wolves can weather powerful lists with just a bit of thought and natural cunning. Have a look boys, no sm or nids have been able to beat this just yet. I'm just waiting to stir up enough trouble for the blood angel boys to challenge my sons of russ...

Click this link below to see how this should be done... cuz this style... is identical to none... lol


  1. Nice game.

    I do not see Vulcan in the pictures, only a master of the forge(he's the guy that allows Dreadnoughts to field as elite and heavy support). You sure Vulcan is in the list?

    Against an all drop pod army, is very easy to counter. Reserve everything and take the initiative away from him. It's the main weakness of drop pod assault. If he drop pod them together, just come in far away and shoot it in turn. If he spread it out, same applys. Concentrate on one flank and work outwards. Else you can bunker down in terrain to claim 4+ cover since I assume the Dreadnoughts have multi melta.

    Do consider fielding Landspeeders or attack bike but only Landspeeders for SW since attack bikes are BS3. In games like these they will turn the game for you. How? Contesting objective. They will be armed with multi melta and thus will be relatively easy to destroy any armor(dreads in this case).

    Good game.

  2. Great game and good pictures! Keep up the work Jay! Looking forward to you being our HK correspondent.

  3. @grimcron

    He was there somewhere Didn't see any combat with him as alex thought it would be a safer bet to have an hq sitting on an objective.

    actually, i don't even know which one he is as he was subbing in with ultra marines.

    I don't like landspeeders as if we were playing kill points, those are up for grabs, plus everyone knows their speed can contest and therefore shoot them up first. In alex's 2nd most powerful ultra marines list, he fields 3 land speeders, I took them all out on T1. Victory conditions happened to be kill points. I won the game with those 3 extra kill points. hahaha

    don't get me wrong, I have lists that run landspeeders. I have a pure ravenwing army, in that case, i feel my landspeeders truly shine as bikes are troops, people tend to focus on them and thus allowing my landspeeders to bust a cap in his nut from close range and then contest if required. This has to do with target saturation, making my opponent think on my terms.

    i barely reserve more than 1 unit as my luck is pretty shit. I've designed my lists to work together and whittle down together while providing mutual support for as long as possible rather than having a frontier force that hits hard. Think of a circle; if the shape had an edge, I can find weaknesses to penetrate but circles are the same all around, penetrating 1 edge is the same as any other. Again, by doing this, I am forcing my opponent to make choices on my terms. he can attack from anywhere but the mutual support across my units will be the same. Thats why in our earlier post, I said to ray that he can take my long fangs if he thinks thats a weakness.

    Please do feel free to provide your insights. I'm no strategic maestro... I enjoy reading Sun tzu's art of war. I try my best to implement his teachings into the game. So far, I have found merit although application can be tough as you gotta find a way to interpret this ancient text into warhammer terms.

    Grimcron, I can tell if we ever got a chance to play, I think we will play a very interesting game buddy. Cheers :)

  4. Indeed you will get the opportunity to! Come down to SG and you will! I'll go prepare him how to beat you.

  5. hahahahaaha ur a funny guy ray. I think it would be the other way around. I believe you need more of grimcron's advice and consul on the matter of strategy.

    However, if i needed an idea for some gay shit, ur first on my to-call list.. hahaha j/k brotha



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