Friday, June 11, 2010

Gaming Peripherals

I know we love our game a lot but there are things which help enhance the game further.

The first one of this is Army Builder. If you have not tried it, I recommend you give it a shot. You will spend hours on it just tweaking your lists to your heart’s content without having to worry about the math! I give it two full thumbs up!

The other thing which I think we all loathe to do is to carry our well painted minis only to arrive at the gaming centre all damaged. Albeit costlier than using plastic containers, army transports with foam is such a welcome. In Singapore, most of us use the Sponge Transport system by PI. However, there is one that is growing in popularity in the US – Battlefoam. Custom foams to suit your army too. A friend here in HK uses it. The only thing is the heavier cost of sending it to Singapore.

Other gaming aids include Galeforce 9’s line of products such as turn counter, wound markers etc. Having played Warmachine and Hordes, I love GF9’s markers. I have purchase myself a set for Fantasy which include Captured Banners, Fleeing and Charge tokens. Great for larger games of 2000 and above.


  1. Once I start gaming actively again I will definitely get some foam transports. I think my old sponges have all disintegrated. My GW ones are fine however we all know how crappy those are.... Haha.

  2. Oh yeah I forgot. Is there army builder for Mac? I haven been able to use AB since I've always been a Mac user all my life......

  3. LOL time to get those transports. Yeah, GW is kinda crappy when it comes to transports.

    I think AB is for PC only. Check their website man

  4. I want to buy battlefoam but so x....

  5. Yeah so far I am using the one from PI. It's a cheap alternative.

  6. I collect all the foam it get in packagaing. I'm planning on making my own transporter :) because I find all of the others a bit too expensive for my tastes. Money is for miniatures !

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