Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Distracting Terrain......

Instead of painting up my Veteran Guardsman. Which has yet to be completed and our challenge deadline is in 2 days! (gulp).

I was too amazed by the Honoured Imperium terrain set and spent some time painting them up! (*statue was painted by me, aquila by the wife.)

Since I did it here's some pics!

Time to get back into the challenge!


  1. Oooh! Very nice pic man! Has my fav Sanguinary Guards :)) The terrain is really well done, i find the Aquila piece gives the impression of a 'real stone' effect.

    I am liking the pose and detailed paintjob on the jump pack sergeant too!

  2. Very nice! Are you planning to base them up or get another box of these to create a special terrain piece?

    Do bring them along to our next game. Will be great to have them on the battlefield!

  3. Admittedly these are my first foray into GW terrain pcs. I don't know why I held back so long as they are really lovely kits and more often than not quite good value for money. So I will definitely be starting to get more terrain kits in the near future. Gone are the days of scratchbuilding terrain. (unless I really have to).

    And that marine is supposed to be built up as a Sanguinary priest. (hopefully not a failed attempt) I'll get some clear pics on him up when I can!

  4. I agree that GW terrain are nice and quite reasonably priced. Should base our buildings all the same so we can share the love!

  5. Mine still in box lol...I like the stone effect on the broken aquila

  6. @Beef Nuggets: Oops! I took a close look (forgot to click zoom in to pic lol), and did notice the white trims on the shoulder pads denoting the Sanguinary Priesthood. I was thinking of how to make my priest as well, and am inspired by your version :) The purple gems goes surprisingly well with red :))



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