Friday, June 4, 2010

Painting Music

I hate painting quiet into the night... I'm usually a black music kinda guy, hop-hop, jazz, soul and R&B... but when I paint, LP gives me the drive, keeps me awake... Whats your sound? drop ur beats..... Let me know what ur listening so we can cut through this b*tich together...


  1. Hmm.. Strangely I love painting in a quiet environment. Just the sound of cars pulling in late into the carpark, the buzzing of the fan etc...

    Occasionally I would turn the radio on. Class 95 would suffice. But I'd really rather work in a quiet place.

    But serious painting only takes place late into the night. Definitely 11pm onwards for me. If I ever find myself with too much spare time to paint during normal hours. I would simply either do terrain, bases, spraying, assembling and all the other more mundane or 'chore-ish' stuff.

  2. I mostly turn on Discovery Channel and let it run on the background. I listen and when there is something interesting I pause in my painting to see what happens. News is another great thing I like to listen to since it gives me updates on the world and I don't really have to look at the TV.

  3. Personally I love listening to drum and bass, grime, happy hardcore some thing that has energy in it,

  4. I love listening to oldies at night and a bit of jazz. If i do paint in the day, choice music would be Dragonforce and some emo screamo music ;)



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