Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gaming Stores Around Asia: Hong Kong Fun Atelier

I am currently in Hong Kong and I thought I would quickly share some awesome pictures with you guys. I used to live here for 2 years and Fun Atelier (FA to the locals) was THE hangout spot for gamers. Back then I was into Fantasy more than 40k as the terrain at FA was lacking but now, 40k has really grown. 

FA moved from Queen Elizabeth Building to this other place opposite of Southorn Park. 

Look for this building. It's on Level 2

Converted Stormraven-looks like parts from Chapterhouse

Tons of bikes, cheese! 

Just above, the store Tyranid army

There was an amazing Batman miniature showcase too

Looks very good! 

I love this Wraithlord

Took two angles of it. Amazing balls

Massive rack

They have 32mm bases in stock! 

Demo area with terrain Jason made. 

Player's area on the right hand side with loads of terrain next to the windows
Unfortunately most of the guys are working so aren't playing today. Would have been nice to run into either Caz or Alex. Still, this place is a great place to hang out if you are living in Hong Kong. Do go check it out! 

Tyranids vs Grey Knights, Week 7 of the Shield of Baal Exterminatus

Got two games in with Stephen who plays Grey Knights. He is about to leave Singapore for good so I thought I would get some games in with him. This would be the game for the last week of the Shield of Baal Campaign. 2,000 points aside, let's rumble! 

I brought mostly beta strike units and the army was designed to hit hard in the 2nd turn. 

Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers 
Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers 
Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers 
Hive Guard x3 in Tyrannocyte
Carnifex with TL Brainleech Devourers in Tyrannocyte
Exocrine in Tyrannocyte

Stephen brought an Alpha strike list
Librarian L3 in Terminator Armour and Storm Bolter [Warlord]
Paladins x4 with Apothecary 
Terminators x5 with 1 Psilencer in Land Raider Redeemer
Kaldor Draigo
Knight Errant

So the game started with Tyranids deploying first then followed by Tyranids. Imperials will get to choose who goes first and Stephen decided to start. 

I only deployed the Micetic Spore and 3 Lictors
I was under the impression that the Lictors could take the punishment the Grey Knights will met out. Oooooh how wrong I was.

With the Warlord Trait that prevented the unit from scaterring, Draigo and friends wiped out the Nids out and won the game
In total it took me more time to set up than to play! So we decided to replay this mission in a double or nothing bet.

This time I chose to deploy all my Mawlocs as well (apologies for the proxies)

Stephen took first turn and shunted the Dreadknights forward

This time the GK did not manage to wipe me from the table

Thus allowing me to play! 


While I lost most of my army, I still had quite a bit in reserve

Turn 2 and all my units arrive

Managed to whittle Draigo's unit down but didn't manage to take him down

Flyrants really went to work but the rest of the army not so effective

Draigo and gang charges into the Mawloc and killed it

While the other Mawloc died to the Dreadknight

The Imperial Knight took out the Exocrine

And the other Dreadknight takes apart the Carnifex
My army was falling apart fast with the high number of Force weapons running around. I am getting this feeling that Monstrous Creatures do not work against these Grey Knights
Stephen manages to clear my backfield

I committed everything I had at Draigo and friends

There was little I could do to change the outcome

And Stephen sends his Warlord off the battlefield to net him 3VP 

While the rest of his army holds mine back

The Flyrants were really causing problems for the Grey Knights but they took apart the rest of my army
Bit by bit I lost more units

More Tyranids fell

Leaving me only with the Flyrants

Flyrants finally managed to down the Imperial Knight but it was too late
Stephen scored 1 VP for each unit in my table edge at the end of the game. He had 3 units and the 3VPs from the escaped Warlord. I had only managed to bring his Imperial Knight, Draigo and another unit of Terminators down for 3VPs.

The game was over and Stephen managed to score the win. He scored 8 Campaign Points for the Imperials.

I have learnt quite a bit from this game. Most importantly is that Monstrous Creatures do not work against Grey Knights. Always opt to bring some light creatures because they help tie the Terminators and Dreadknights up. With combined fire, the Imperial Knight can be killed.

Onwards and upwards! We will be preparing ourselves for the coming apoc this 26th April! Look for the next post! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

WIP: Flesh Tearers Vet Sgt

I finally had a game this weekend at the local game shop Titan Games. It was blast! A very close game which saw us both just throw our units in charging headlong into close combat. My opponent was playing the new Khorne Daemonkin and it was exciting throughout.
I decided to give the Vet Sarge a quick lick of paint for his efforts. He put the deciding shot which felled a mighty Chaos Lord. Who unfortunately turned into a Bloodthirster! I painted a symbol on his tabard to remember his heroic act. The tactical squad next to him did not appear too pleased with result of the Chaos Lord's demise.
He is armed with a combi-melta which delivered the said shot to the Chaos Lord. But he did spend the next few turns capturing the objective and surviving all the incoming shots.
The Flesh Tearers symbol proudly displayed now on his left shoulder pad. He keeps his combat blade at the ready for when he gets stuck in glorious close combat.
Again this model is from the new Blood Angels tactical squad box set. The details once painted does give a lot more substance to the miniature.

Here are some pics of the battle:
This was the deployment on Turn 1. I had not played in a while and am not able to remember the mission. It was a diagonal deployment and there were 5 objectives. I had first turn and there was no night fight.
Above pic is my Storm Raven arriving from reserves and disgorging the Death Company and Furioso Dreadnought. They would later wreak havoc amongst the Obliterators and Chaos Space Marines squad.
Above pic is Turn 3 I think. The Chaos Spawn had engaged my Assault Squad with the Cultists close behind claiming an objective.
I think this is still the bottom of Turn 3 with the Bloodletters also closing in. Pict recordings stopped at this point as the clouds turn a crimson red.  Khorne's power blotted out all communications as his Blood Tithes increased to new heights! The later appearance of a Bloodthirster was a bowel clenching moment for me. Only sent it back to the warp after shooting AND assaulting everything that could at it. I shudder to think of 2 Bloodthirsters appearing on the field at the same time.

Well, that's all from the weekend for me.

Have a great week ahead everyone :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shield of Ball: Exterminatus Week 7 and Rewards

So the full 7 weeks of campaigning has come to a conclusion. The armies and players have fought to almost fatigue and still, the fate of the Cyptus system hangs in the balance. It is the actions that will take place on Tartoros that will determine the outcome of all the battles that we have taken part in.
Imperials took Week 7 and the Tyranis are in a bit of a rut for the Apocalypse which will take place this 26th April at Titan Games.

Previous Apocalypse at Titan for Shield of Baal: Leviathan
Here are the rewards for each of the faction based on their accumulated victories during the 7 weeks of campaigning:

Imperials and Nerons

  1. Victor scores 300 points of reinforments from the Troops section for free in the apocalypse 
  2. Victor secures the Re-Arm Strategic Asset for free in the apocalyse (taken from the Apocalypse book)
  3. Victor scores 300 points of reinforcements from ANY slot
  4. Imperial/Necron victory: 2 Night Scythe with 5 Necron Warriors mounted in each fighter fight for free in the apocalypse


  1. 2 Zoanthropes and 1 Neurothrope enters apocalypse for free
  2. Tyranid victory: delay the arrival of Nyadra'zatha in the apocalypse. It can only arrive from Turn 2 onwards

Looks like this will be hard fight for the Tyranids going in considering they are 600 points behind, with a number of things like Strategic Assets and other reinforcements given to the Imperial Alliance. Let's see what happens! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Batrep: Necrons vs Tyranids 1850 Shield of Baal: Exterminatus

The swarm has been hurting over the past few weeks. The swarm is not able to push through the living metal prey to the actual prey. The larger beasts were dying to yellow arcing lights. It was time. Through the aeons, the Hivemind has kept its biggest and most powerful evolution in check to prevent the unnecessary use of biomass. It was time. The hive ships would unleash the Queen. Bedecked in bio-symbiotes and bristling with mutations, the Queen was unleashed on Asphodex. The hunger can wait no longer. 

As the armies converged, the Servo Skull quickly captured this pict-feed before a shot from the Necron lines took it out.

Managed to get a game in with Henry for the Shield of Baal Week 5. The mission required the Necrons or Imperials to capture the 3 points the Tyranids set up on their side. 

Breaking News: Mars Adeptus Mechanicus Spotted

Here are some leaks! Sure look like they have been influenced quite a bit by the current Imperial Guard line especially the limbs. Enjoy! 

Its a walker with 4 armoured mechanical spider legs. The crew compartment is large metal box angled in the front. There is a small robotic arm in the front with tools and drills on the appendage. The visor for the drivers inside is a slit with optical lenses on the the left hand side of the opening. The Eradication Beamer is big, and looks like a giant conversion beamer, up top there is a gunner with a heavy stubber. I don't know the optional guns, but there are a couple. One that looks like a long barreled autocannon, but has some sort of array attached to it. None of the weapon options look like standard Imperial Weapons.

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii

box contains 10 new plastic models. They can be made up as either Skitarii Vanguard, or Skitarii Rangers. Both units contain special and close combat weapon options. 

Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider 

Said to the backbone of the Adeptus Mechanicus Scout forces. It's a dual kit allowing you to make either the Ironstrider Ballistarius -long ranged heavy weapon walker, or the Sydonian Dragoon which is a close combat version. 

It comes with a riptide size base and stand just as tall as the Riptide or an Imperial Knight. 

Gun options- 
Replace the Eradication Beamer with 
-Twin linked heavy phosphor blaster 
-Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber 
-Icarus Array 

Admech Skitarii - 10 minis can be built as Rangers or Vanguard. €31 

Admech Ironstrider €38 

the plasma pistol described in your previous article is not an odd looking plasma pistol. its an arc pistol. arc weapons will be available for the skitarii in both pistol and rifle. the arc rifle is rapid fire with haywire. rifle and pistol both are s6 ap5. 
Cognis Weapons are normal weapons with the Cognis attached to it, like Cognis Lascannon. They simply use a BS 2 when firing snap shots because of an awakened machine spirit. 
Burst Pistol rules allow for 5 shots to be fired instead of just a single one. 

Galvanic Rifle looks like an ornate flintlock rifle with a canister on the side. R30", rapid fire, S4. 

Onager Dunewalkera heavy choice walker called a Onager Dunewalker will be part of the skitarii. they are an armor 12 walker that comes with overlapping forcefields that give an invulnerable save. each additional walker in the squad increases the save by 1. they come with a conversion beamer type weapon that is more powerful up close and disperses to a large but weaker blast at longer range. squadrons up to 3. 

Dragoon WalkerThere is also a Dragoon which looks to be a dual kit with a rider on top of a bipedal machine. It has legs similar to the IG sentinels, but has a grafted human in the center of the machine. I am not as fluent in the background with the skitarii as I would like to comment much more. 

Ive seen a walker bearing the ad mech symbols on it. The walker has a horizontal pilot hooked up to the machine with optical lenses for the pilots sight, and little mechanical grabbers that extend out from the pilots hands. There is a gunner on top in red robes and odd looking armor that reminds me of the tempestus armor except for larger eye lenses. The walker has sentinel legs, and the weapon up top is a ornate twin-linked lascannon.


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