Tuesday, September 16, 2014

X-Wing: PI League and Marshall 40K

The PI X-Wing league has started so I headed down to PI yesterday to get in a few games. Dale who works at the store gave me 2 solid and close games! I brought a variant of my Phantom + mini swarm for my first game. Dale brought Chewy, Airen and a Red Squadron. 
I lost my Phantom early due to a bad call by flying between two asteroids, hemming me in from Turn 2 onwards. Dale quickly took Whisper out. Surprisingly, my Alphas managed to down Chewy and even took out Airen and the X Wing. Amazing show and all within the hour. 

1st game with Dale
We changed up our lists and I brought a fun list for the 2nd game and Dale brought the Three Amigos comprising Luke + R2, Wedge and Biggs.

I split my two ships apart and was trying to flank
The concept was to flank with Han and dance a little with Corran. Didn't quite work out and I lost Corran faster than you could spell Chewy's full name. Amazingly though, Han managed to kill all 3 X Wings on his own. Wow...

Final game of the day was with Leck Koon who was practicing for the Malaysian Nationals which is coming in 2 weeks. He will be travelling north. Leck Koon is a regular tournament winner at our local stores and stand a good chance placing well at this tournament.

I told him that I would bring a strong list so I brought this:
I used it at our last local tourney and it was flexible enough to take any lists. Also, I expect Chewy to be at the Malaysian Nationals together with 3P0. With the MF title card, this ship can really tank, forcing my opponents to make tough choices.
I didn't want to go directly against the swarm so started gunning for his Whisper

But at the last moment decided that I can support my ship by facing the swarm anyway since they would not be focusing on Chewy early game due to the FCS B Wing. 
I managed to pull a victory here as well when Leck Koon flew his Phantom into an asteroid leaving him without a cloaking token. Ouch.

Meanwhile, over at Titan Games, Marshall was having a 40k game with a friend:

Space Wolves vs Tyranids

Gotta love the well painted stuff!

See you guys soon!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

X-Wing with Roy and Space Hulk

Changed it up a little yesterday. Got into BB at about 1:30PM and while waiting for Roy, I worked on the paint job that I botched up previously. Also added red dots to start up the Tie Fighter engines! 

Playing Rebels instead this time. Actually sat down and created a list based on Airen Cracken. I was going for full range 1 synergy. 

Struggled to work on how to keep Biggs behind and ended losing Dutch early game. Didn't help that the Ties were scoring Hit, Crit or Hit Hit. Kept on playing but eventually could not take the punishment meted out by the Phantom.
We worked out how to keep Biggs away from the fight and still keep him within range 3 of all enemies while moving in formation. I ended up with the diamond formation.

2nd game with the same build but flown differently. This time it worked. Biggs at the edge of the formation allowed me to move him at a pace that allowed the other ships to move after him while keeping within range 1. Managed to win this game owing to some ionizing goodness of the Y Wing. 

Vick suggested some changes to my list when he arrived. He suggested I drop Airen as there was little else this list needed in actions. Garven was feeding focus while Dutch was feeding Target Locks. Swapping to a Bandit gave me a good Assault Missile caddy.

We squeezed in another game prior to dinner. Roy switched up his list to all named characters and attacked from all angles. I managed to take out Backstabber and damaged his Phantom. Unfortunately we ran out of time and could not conclude the game. 
Not bad for a list I created on the fly. Synergy was there.

At the same time I found a post regarding the re-released Space Hulk. I collect Tyranids and missed out on the last Space Hulk launch. I was going to get my hands on this set. Here are some nice leaks.

Sorry for the lower resolution but man they look sweet. Looking forward to playing some games with this set. Scalpers I LOL at you. 
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More X-Wing, PI League

Got a few games of X-Wing in yesterday with Jeremy and Vick. Also managed to pick up some loot for the PI League. Thanks Dale! 

Flew the Whisper's Academy: 
"Whisper" — TIE Phantom 32
Veteran Instincts 1
Fire-Control System 2
Advanced Cloaking Device 4 

Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12 
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12 
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12 
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12 
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12 

My list was meant to take on lists like this which had Biggs and Chewie. Unfortunately I flew like a muppet and lost this game
I modified my list a little with Vick's help and came up with this:
Howl to boost the Academies at the expense of one ship. I loaded Whisper up with a Navigator to make him less predictable.

Vick brought his very agile Soontir+Echo list. Beat me to a pulp

Vick boxed me in and finished the Phantom with VaDER

We reset and went at it again but I lost again. Shuttle Vadered me to death. 

Vick suggested we swapped lists and play. All of a sudden things started working. It was a good game and I promptly won
Vick showed me one thing. You play the Academies, you better play them confidently. Be brazen and take those 4 and 5 straights. Get in their face and block paths. Be flexible and break formation. 

It's odd. I thought I had command of this list but today thought me otherwise. More practice for sure. 
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Batrep: Grey Knights (7th Edition Codex) vs Eldar 1850 Points

So it has been awhile since I played 40K and Marshall has been running around crushing people's heads in. Keeps going on about how only 1 person has consistently beaten him (i.e. me). Now that he's gone off to be his own man, he decided that it's time to throw the gauntlet down on the old man (i.e. me again). 

These are our armies:

Grey Knights
Librarian with Combi-melta, Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Terminator Armour

Purifier Squad with Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Nemesis Force Sword, 2x Psycannon
- Knight of the Flame with Nemesis Force Sword
- Rhino

Purifier Squad with Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Nemesis Force Sword, 2x Psycannon
- Knight of the Flame with Nemesis Force Sword
- Rhino

Purifier Squad with Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Nemesis Force Sword, 2x Psycannon
- Knight of the Flame with Nemesis Force Sword
- Rhino

Terminator Squad with Nemeiss Daemon Hammer, 4x Nemesis Force Sword and Psycannon

Fast Attack
Interceptor Squad with 2x Incinerator, 9x Nemesis Force Sword
- Interceptor Justicar with Nemesis Daemon Hammer and Teleport Homer

Interceptor Squad with 2x Incinerator, 9x Nemesis Force Sword
- Interceptor Justicar with Nemesis Daemon Hammer

Nemesis Dreadknight with Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon and Personal Teleporter

Farseer: Jetbike, Witchblade, Runes of Witnessing
Farseer: Jetbike, Witchblade, Runes of Witnessing

Dire Avengers x5: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Fields)
Jetbikers x3
Jetbikers x3
Jetbikers x3

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders x8
Warp Spiders x8

War Walkers x3: Each armed with Bright Lances x2
Wraithknight: Heavy Wraithcannons x2

Mission: Cloak and Dagger
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Eldar Warlord rolled up these powers 

While the 2nd Seer rolled these up


Eldar deployment. I held two Spider units in Deep Strike and a jetbike unit in Reserve

Marshall placed his units up the deployment zone

Eldar took the first turn. Night Fight was in play and there was little I could do to kill except for 1 unit which promptly died to the last man and fled. 

Marshall then dropped in a unit of Terminators with the Librarian in the back end of my Deployment Zone

The rest of the Grey Knights move up. Marshall shunted a unit which really caught me by surprise because I didn't know that they could travel that fast. Thank goodness I played cautiously and kept my units in the back end. 

That flight stand was actually the Dreadknight which managed to destroy one Wave Serpent 

Marshall's Warlord trait almost forced my Warlord to flee the game! It forced me to use my lowest leadership which was 8. Thankfully I rolled low on the flee move leaving them at the edge of the table. 

In Turn 2, I knew I had to concentrate all my firepower into taking out that unit of Terminators who would otherwise wreak havoc in the backlines. Spewed out the Shuriken units and here we go

Meanwhile a unit of Spiders drop into the back end of the Grey Knight Deployment zone
Worth noting at this junction that I was focussed on accomplishing all my Tactical Objectives while Marshall was targetting all my units, eliminating them as he went along. I was on average capping 2 to 3 Objectives per turn.

I zoomed by other unit of Jetbikes forward hoping to reveal Objective 2 but then I found out later that Marshall had already done it! 

In response the Grey Knights turned their attention to the unit of Spiders in the back field and hosed them down to 2 men

His Rhino's were keeping him well alive

Marshall took them out with vengeance 

I managed to wipe the Terminators off and in Turn 3 started targeting the Dreadknight and two Rhinos

Popped the lead Rhino open forcing his men out

In trying to secure an Objective, I charged this unit in the hopes that I can destroy him to earn D3 VP. Instead he held fast and I was in trouble. 

Charged this unit with my Knight. In hindsight a mistake. I didn't have enough attacks and he was Fearless leaving my Knight locked in combat

Managed to kill off his Dreadknight. In the GK Turn 3, he advanced his Rhinos containing his Psykers to start doing their Novas which killed off my Guardians

Marshall charged into my back unit killing them

In my Turn 4 I sent my other unit of Spiders to kill off this unit of GK

I concentrated Guided War Walkers into his Rhino and out they popped

Destroyed the other Rhino as well. 

Meanwhile I sent my Farseers and retinue up the flank in trying to secure another Tactical Objective - D3 VP if I had 3 units or more within 12" of his Deployment Zone

Marshall then moved his men up to start taking out my Serpents
Worth noting that the Psychic powers of the Grey Knights are quite hard to match. As Eldar, I have always dominated the Psychic Phase but GK was able to out dice me every phase of the game, usually in the 17-20 Dice per phase.

They managed to toast one War Walker. The other two scurried away! 

Charged my Bikes into his lone man taking him out

At the end of Turn 5 

Went in to score another Tactical Objective

Marshall now had 5 men remaining

It was a desperate gamble by charging into my Knight. I managed to kill one and now Marshall had to choose who to lose. The Sergeant was behind but he also had the power to take down the Knight. 5" vs 6". Unfortunately He chose to kill off the 5" man and rolled a 5" for his charge. Ouch. 
We rolled for Turn 6 but came up a '2'. It was game over

We tallied Tactical Objectives and Secondary Objectives
Marshall: 6
Ray: 15

It was a landslide victory for the Eldar. 

In the aftermath, I still think that Marshall should have played for the Objectives and not try to kill the Eldar off. Maybe a few more games may help. After all, I am very familiar with my army. 

Hope you guys have a great week ahead. Now I hope my AC guy will come repair the damn unit. It's so bloody hot. 
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