Friday, May 22, 2015

A Titan is Born

Important msg ##xx-Terra:to all Inperiumxx##

Tonight. All eyes will be focused on Terra. In the subsector of Jurongnis. Datasmiths all over the Imperium will be going into overdrive as important information is building up in the forge factories on Terra.

Never before have the forgesmiths taken on such an immense project. Which are normally exclusive to forge worlds. But the logistical chain had been overcome and conquered. With ever advancing dark technologies the forge smiths on terra has broken the molds of Titanica construction.

The Galaxy shall behold the birth of Reaver Titan -SangNilaUltra:the lionheart. Enemies of the Imperium beware. As forge factories all over the Galaxy rush to analyze data sent out from Jurongnis. And we will witness a surge in Titan constitution on an unprecedented rate in the millions of forge factories in the imperium. The age of the Titans shall reign. The arms race have begun!

All hail the Omnissiah!!!!

Important msg ##xx-Terra:endxx##

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Termagants, termagants, TERMAGANTS!

This post is slightly delayed but I have sunk quite a bit of time into these little critters so that I can bring the Tervigon Broodnode in our Apocalypse game. Unfortunately for me though, I was the only player on the table so all the Imperium guns were tracked on me, taking the Broodnode out so I never really got to use these Gants. Nonetheless, I thought I would share them with you guys.

Cheapest way to grow the swarm
I used the battle boxes above for the Gants armed with the Fleshborers for 2 reasons: ease of build and lower cost. Also, I didn't really need the bits. I have ample from the others.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood Angels vs Genestealers

To further test my 500 points, I got in a game with Sam(wise Gamgee) and he brought 500 points worth of Genestealers. They are all converted to look like xenomorphs from Alien the movie! This would shape to be a very cinematic game.

Since my Drop Pod was not complete, I fielded Squad Rayzor with Librarian Epislon and Squad Orion. Heavy Support came in the form of the Sicaran named Blood of the Fallen. 

"Movement detected in the ruins to the east and west perimeter. Scout Squad Orion is in place and we have the corridor." Sergeant Rayzor chimed in on his vox unit. 

He had already split his own unit to have Brother Laze take the upper floors of the ruins to cover any larger creatures that may sprout from the grounds although intel has suggested none in the vicinity. 

Librarian Epislon raised his gauntlet and the unit stopped moving. Something was moving up ahead. Scout Sergeant Orion was asking his unit to increase the scans. All of a sudden, the ruins on the left came crashing down as two large broods of purple skinned xenomorphs burst through ground and vaulted over the windows. Over on the right flank, the Blood of the Fallen reported in sighting of multiple xenos moving across the ruins. 

Increase those scans.

Xenos spotted

"We are under attack, I repeat, under attack!"

"The xenos have pulled back into the relative safety of the trenches. What governs them?"

"Through Bolter fire we shall cleanse!"

"Another brood approaches us from the east Brother"

Engage! Engage! 

They will not have fallen in vain! 

Engage and destroy

Our genes! 

Have been stolen! 
It was a fun game. It ended with Sam securing most of his objectives and winning the game. Such a fluffy army should win!

I am finding this army harder and harder to use. I don't have enough guns or men to take out hordes or hold objectives. Hopefully the addition of a Drop Pod will give me some options to take the fight to the enemy. That also means that I had to drop the Scouts. Ah well. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Batrep: Blood Angels vs Astra Militarum - 2 Games

As part of the Slowburn League at Titan, I could not wait till the 2nd month to begin playing 500 point level games. Kill Teams are fun but I wanted to go into game proper to learn my army as well. I got Marshall to agree to play and we set up our armies. 

Brother Epilos' Blood Angels Advance Force
Brother Epilos: Librarian Level 1, Storm Bolter, Force Staff
Squad Rayzor: 10 Tactical Marines with Sergeant Rayzor (Combo Grav), Lascannon and Grav Gun
Squad Orion: 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks
Blood of Angels: Sicaran Battle Tank with Lascannon sponsons

Marshall brought Pask and his men:

Pask: Punisher Tank with Heavy Bolters x3
Veteran Guardsmen: Heavy Autocannon with 10 Guardsmen 
Veteran Guardsmen: Heavy Autocannon with 10 Guardsmen 


Spread it out mid field

Marshall scores First Blood and 1 other objective

I managed to score one
Unfortunately I could not kill Pask and between my inability to roll armour saves and bad deployment, I was too far behind by Turn 3 to catch up. I decided to call it and asked for a rematch.

This time we got the Cloak and Daggers Mission. We both played the same army lists.

With a narrower front and more space between us, this would be a different game from the previous one

Since the Tactical was out of LOS and needed to capture Objective 5, I moved them up and netted myself 2 VPs

I moved Epilos and Rayzor's squad up to threaten Pask
Epilos had the Blood Lance which was only 12" range so I had to move him up. On hindsight, I should have just kept him behind.

Managed to score another VP

Unfortunately I didn't count on the Pask being such a beast. Took out Rayzor and men for First Blood

The Blood of Angels was not having anymore of the upstarts and took two HP off Pask

IG scores one VP

But in return I scored 1

Pask and his force reverses into the ruins to score Hold the Line and move Pask out of LOS from my Sicaran

Battle field at the end of the 4th Turn

Luck was with me allowing me to score another VP

And in response Marshall scores another 2VP

Finally managed to take Pask out for Slay and another VP

Marshall managed to get this card and sealed the game

Game end
It was a closer game this one with the score being 12 to 14 VP. Lessons learnt from this game are to use my longer range to plink away at his hardest unit, AKA Pask. Then move in for the kill.

I tweaked the list a little and now my force has a Drop Pod which I ordered at the store. Hopefully it'll arrive soon allowing me to bring my Melta Marines into the picture.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Star Wars Armada Campaign @Titan Games

"Many Bothans died to bring us this information." - Mon Mothma

As promised, here are the rules for the Star Wars Armada Campaign that we will be running over at Titan Games for the month of June. The campaign will kick-off on 1st June and last until 28th June where we will conclude the narrative of the campaign. The rules and details are subject to changes and I will finalise them nearer to the start of the campaign. Please bear with me as I am working from scratch.

Bria Theren pursed her lips. Sweat formed on her brows despite the freezing cold of the underground bunker. Her R4 unit noted her expression and whistled quizzically. The flashing display before her eyes held her spellbound, its contents sending every fabric of her being into sheer terror. General Dodonna must be told! Bria had managed to get her hands on parts of a tactical readout of a new "super-weapon" that the Empire was building. Even though she did not have the full tactical readout, the information that she held before her was chilling. This battlestation, that the Empire was building, was on a scale so massive, it was bigger than a small moon! As luck would have it, the Imperial shipyards at SinSang should have more information regarding this new super-weapon. Time was of the essence!

This will be a small campaign for players to play Star Wars Armada with a background narrative. All players are welcome to participate in the campaign. Any games that you play at Titan Games will affect the eventual narrative. You can play battles at any pointage as long as you and your opponent agrees. The main objective of this campaign is for you to have fun!

The background narrative for this campaign will be the Imperials looking for the Rebel Base while the Rebels are trying to steal the Death Star Plans. This fight will take place in the Raioballo Sector.

The campaign will consist of two components. Firstly, there is a campaign map as illustrated above which the players can fight over on behalf of their chosen faction. Secondly, as players play games, the points that they accrue will be used to raise their ranks in a Ladder system. The Ladder will persist through the end of the campaign and carry on to the next events.


The campaign map consists of 6 systems - Dantooine, Kesmere, Neka, Verig, Alurion and SinSang.

Imperial Loyalty

Each system has an Imperial Loyalty meter that measures from 0-100. 

Imperial Loyalty 0-40       System is considered to be in Rebel control.
Imperial Loyalty 41-60     System is considered to be Neutral.
Imperial Loyalty 61-100   System is considered to be in Imperial control.

If a player attacks a system and wins, the loyalty of the system will change according to the Margin of Victory. There is no change in IL if the defending player wins unless the system is one of the Base systems (this is to make it hard for a faction to dominate the entire map). (This is based off the Margin of Victory component from the Tournament Rules)

Margin of Victory  0-10         (No change in Imperial Loyalty)
Margin of Victory  11-30       (+2 IL if victor is Imperial, -2 IL if victor is Rebel)
Margin of Victory  31-60       (+4 IL if victor is Imperial, -4 IL if victor is Rebel)
Margin of Victory  61-100     (+6 IL if victor is Imperial, -6 IL if victor is Rebel)
Margin of Victory  101-150   (+8 IL if victor is Imperial, -8 IL if victor is Rebel)
Margin of Victory  151+        (+10 IL if victor is Imperial, -10 IL if victor is Rebel)

Players playing in a declared system will gain benefits if the system is controlled by their factions. Players can choose and gain only 1 free copy of the card listed for use in their fleet.
Here is the list of the benefits for each system :

Dantooine - Rebel Base (Free Salvation for Rebels)
SinSang    - Imperial Base (Free Warlord for Imperial)
Verig        - Ship Crew Training Facility (Free Engineering Team or Nav Team)
Neka         - Ship Tech Facility (Free Assault Concussion Missiles or Electronic Countermeasures)
Kesmere   - Pilot Training Facility (Free Expanded Hangar Bay or Point-Defense Reroute)
Alurion     - Intel Facility (Free Sensor Team or Intel Officer)

Special Rewards :
Imperial - Imperials unlock "Rebel Base Discovered" narrative by winning a Navigation mission battle on Dantooine.
Rebels    - Rebels unlock "Death Star Plans Stolen" narrative by winning an Assault mission battle on SinSang.

Dantooine will start in Rebel Control with an IL of 0 and SinSang will start in Imperial Control with an IL of 100. All other systems will start with an IL of 50. 

1. Players will issue a declaration of battle on which system they are attacking. Players from the opposite faction will accept the declaration and arrange a time to have the battle. A declaration of battle is valid for 7 days once made. If no one is available to play at the end of the 7 days, the player making the declaration will be considered as victorious with a Margin of Victory of 125. 
2. Players can only have 1 declaration of battle at any one time. You can issue another declaration of battle once the first one has been played and resolved. Players can accept and play unlimited declarations of battle as the defender. All battles must be resolved within 7 days of declaration else attacker will be considered as victorious as per above.
3. Players can only launch an attack from a system that their faction controls. This means that Rebel players can only attack Kesmere and Neka at the start while Imperial players can only attack Verig or Alurion from the start. 
4. Be friendly! We are here to have fun!

Strategic Cards

The Strategic Card component is part of the campaign map and aims to reward players even if they lose the battles.

Every time a player ends a battle with more mission objective points scored than their opponents, they will accrue 1 Strategic Point in the category of the mission played. Once the number of Strategic Points reaches 5 for that particular mission category, the faction will gain 1 Strategic Card that they can play on any system and the Strategic Points will reset to 0 for that particular mission category. 

1. A Strategic Card confers benefits to fleets attacking/defending a system when played. 
2. Only 1 Strategic Card per mission category can be active at any one time. (So each faction can only have a maximum of 3 Strategic Cards active).
3. Each system can only have 1 Strategic Card effect per faction on them at any one time. Playing a Strategic Card from another mission category on a system with an active Strategic effect will replace the effect with the new one.
4. A Strategic Card will last for 7 days when played. A faction may cancel the current location of a Strategic Card by playing another Strategic Card of the same mission category on another location. 
5. A faction can only play a Strategic Card on a system they control or on a system that is linked to a system they control.
6. Factions can accumulate multiple Strategic Cards of the same mission category.

The benefits of a Strategic Card are below :

Assault       - Free Enhanced Armament
Defense      - Free Gallant Haven for Rebels and Demolisher for Imperial
Navigation  - Free A-Wing or TIE Interceptor fighter squadron

The following are the missions that can accrue Strategic Points :

Assault      - Precision Strike, Opening Salvo, Most Wanted, Advanced Gunnery (count the fleet point cost), 
Defense     - Contested Outpost, Fire Lanes, 
Navigation - Superior Positions, Dangerous Territory, Intel Sweep, 

Winning the Campaign

At the end of the campaign, Campaign Points will be counted as follows :

Each system controlled by a Faction +20 Campaign Points.
Each unused Strategic Card +5 Campaign Points
Unlocked Narrative +40 Campaign Points

The faction with the most Campaign Points at the end of the campaign will be considered the winning faction. 


As players play games, they will earn Ladder Points and increase in their ranks. The Ladder Points that they earn are calculated like the Tournament Points as dictated by the Margin of Victory in the Tournament Ruleset. ie, A draw will earn both players 5 Ladder Points.

Margin of Victory  0 - 10       Win 5 Points Loss 5 Points
Margin of Victory  11-30       Win 6 Points Loss 4 Points
Margin of Victory  31-60       Win 7 Points Loss 3 Points
Margin of Victory  61-100     Win 8 Points Loss 2 Points
Margin of Victory  101-150   Win 9 Points Loss 1 Points
Margin of Victory  151+        Win 10 Points Loss 0 Points

The Ranks and points needed in the Ladder are as below :

Ensign                         0-10 Points
Lieutenant                   11-20 Points
Senior Lieutenant       21-30 Points
Commander                31-40 Points
Senior Commander    41-50 Points
Captain                       51-75 Points
Senior Captain           76-100 Points
Rear Admiral             101-125 Points
Vice-Admiral             126-150 Points
Admiral                      151-180 Points
High Admiral             181-225 Points
Grand Admiral           226 and above Points

I do not expect anyone to reach the rank of Admiral in the course of this campaign as the Ladder is supposed to persist through the end of the campaign.

Rewards and prizes for achieving ranks in the Ladder will be finalised at a later date.

Remember folks, the objective of this campaign is to have fun!

Update :

Here is a slight update to the rules :

Everyone is welcome!
1. Be you a casual player or a veteran campaigner, just join us and play. All games will be counted towards the campaign and your ladder rank. Just let the friendly staff at Titan Games know that you are playing Armada and they will include your game into the campaign.
2. Even drop in games apply, just choose a system to fight in (You don't have to apply our benefits if you want a balanced game.) The campaign system benefits are there as something for us to fight for, It is okie to play as per FFG set up and still apply the game result to our campaign map.
3. Please declare your faction at the start of the campaign. For balance purposes, Melvin and I will sit on the fence until all players have reported in.

Please play at Titan Games
Only games played at Titan Games will apply to our campaign. They have to record the location of the system you are fighting and the Margin of Victory.

1. There is no restriction on the pointage of the games that you are playing. However, as a general rule of thumb, we are playing 300 points or 400 points. 180 points is mainly for those playing with only one Core Set or Learning Scenarios. But with friendly people at Titan Games, you can always borrow our toys to use at your game!
2. Attacker should declare how many points he is attacking with and the opponent will adjust accordingly. But always confirm the pointage first. Remember, be friendly!

We will be giving out acryllic tokens as rewards for the players in the winning faction. We are in the process of looking at having customised Admiral Cards for all players (Anyone good at photoshop?) who participate in our campaign.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Extra Heavy and Special Weapon Specialists for Squad Rayzor

After the game with Marshall I decided that I needed to swap out the Multi Melta with something a longer range to reach out and touch my opponent. I also want a full WYSIWYG army so I modelled the Grav Gun and took the opportunity to magnetize the model to give me the option of swapping for a Flamer or Melta Gun. I do need to finish up the Melta Gun though.

Airbrushed the base colours and zenithal highlights. Shaded with airbrush from below

Completed the details with a paintbrush 

Managed to catch the boyz hard at work on their Slowburn armies. Awesome sight! 
Looking forward to slaying them! LOL

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hobby Update and Slowburn Games

So I managed to get some new materials on my Scouts and hope to use it to contrast against the lighter grey. However, after showing it to Rico at Titan today, he suggested maybe I paint them darker grey so not to draw attention away from the actual mini. I will try adding tuft once Titan brings it in. Here's a pic of what it looked like prior to the touch-up

Hobby update!
Marshall had some extra time today and invited me to play a game prior to dinner with his GF. I opted to play a 500 point game with the following list:

Brother Calistarius: Librarian in Terminator armour, Storm Bolter and Force Axe
Orion's Scout Squad: 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo cloaks
Rayzor's Tactical Squad: 10 Tactical Marines with Multimelta
Sicaran Battle Tank with lascannon sponsons and Dozer Blade

Marshall fielded a force with Pask in his Punisher, Leman Russ Vanquisher, 2 units of Veterans with Autocannons. A quick calculation at the end of the game revealed that Marshall took about 570 points. This is the quick rep.

We played the Maelstrom Mission 2: Contact Lost. Marsh won the roll to go first and I failed to sieze the initiative.

I deployed the force in a semi refused flank

Love this view! 

Marsh scores 2 VP

And another VP in Turn 2

Pask survives on 1 Hull Point and I am struggling to take that tank out

Finally managed to score 1VP

But in Turn 3, Marsh scores another

I charge into his unit in Turn 3 and ran them off the board

Managed to score 1 VP

About Turn 4, I had little left. I could not take down that Punisher. Arm14 
So I conceded the game at the end of 4. There was little I could do to take down that Punisher which I felt single handedly forced my game. I have also realised an inherent weakness with my list. I swapped the Multi Melta for a Lascannon and brought in another Marine toting a Grav Gun to complement Sergeant Rayzor. I have also downgraded the Librarian to just Power Armour keeping him cheap and allowing my Tacticals to chase after opponents fleeing.

We had some time so we whipped out our 200 point Kill Team lists out. We rolled the King of the Hill mission.

Red vs Red! 

Unfortunately I lost every man to those lasguns! Looks like I forgot to turn my armour on! 
I knew I needed some heavy weapon options in my Tactical Squad so I picked up a box of Devastators. Unfortunately it lacked Blood Angel iconography so I whipped out my extra box of Blood Angels Tactical Marines. I swapped the shoulder pads, legs and front chest piece (on hindsight, the chest piece was not necessary).

Work work! 

Even added a broken pipe to his base for urban goodness
Hope you guys are enjoying your hobby too! 


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