Monday, June 21, 2010

8th Edition Boxed set! Island of Blood Confirmed!

Recieved this mail from GW newsletter/Email early in the morning. What great news on a Monday morning!

Incoming! The Island of Blood

The Warhammer world; it is a place riven by battle, where mighty armies clash for glory, honour or the entertainment of Dark Gods. Darkened skies, tortured by cataclysmic magics tear open and rain blood upon the ceaseless combatants and the landscape is wracked by the carnage around it. Trees writhe in mutated agony, lashing out with limb and branch and rivers flow thick with the corpses of the slain. All upon the land are consumed by the unending battle, an age of war in which victory and defeat hang in the balance.

Cast against this macabre tableau fight mighty armies -warriors by their million raise banners of defiance or icons of dismay, taking up arms in the clash for survival. Beleaguered and surrounded, the forces of Order fight desperately to stem the tide of the armies of Destruction. Delighting in the carnage and ruination, the Dark Gods look on.

The Island of Blood is but one battleground upon the face of the Warhammer world, a mystical and dangerous place that has been twisted and mutated by the warping power of Chaos. In ages past the Island of Blood was a battleground upon which armies have bled and died in the ageless battle for supremacy... and they will do so again. Soon.

The Island of Blood is the new boxed game for Warhammer and is released this September. Packed full of stunning plastic Citadel miniatures and containing all the rules, dice and templates you'll need to play, it's the essential purchase for fans of the Warhammer hobby.

Meanwhile, if you like the Battle for Skull Pass boxed game (and who wouldn't with all those Goblins and Dwarfs) then it only seems fair to point out that once the last few remaining copies are gone they're gone, and they're never coming back! Pick one up while stocks last.

In August we'll feature more information about The Island of Blood on and the full details will be released in September's White Dwarf.

If you can't wait until September to get your hands on the new rules then don't forget that the new Warhammer Rulebook and complete range of accessories are available to advance order by clicking on the image below.


  1. This is brilliant news indeed! It's got HE and Skaven!

    YC you wanna order 2 boxes? LOL!

  2. LOL! we each buy a box, I give u the HE, u give me the rats.

  3. Erm also please buy ONE MORE on top of the 2 sets you guys are trading. So that I can pass you both more miniatures you need and I can get the small Handy rulebook. ;)

  4. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what so good about toys like that. Well, I guess I understand now why many people are fond of collecting and playing them. It really makes they imagination grow wild and kill some time.



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