Monday, June 21, 2010

I finally took the plunge.

I am going into dangerous territory, let's hope things will get better.
After seeing YC's constant blog posts on using an airbrush, and also all the awesome paint jobs and efficient painting with the help of an airbrush I decided to get one set myself.

I know this has a steep learning and adapting curve to it. But I saw it as a way to progress in the hobby.

Therefore after weeks of considering and checking forums for the right tools and how to use it, I picked up a set myself.

~Will need lotsa practice and tips. So those with many many experience. Please give advice. And please help if I have any queries!


  1. Wooohooo! Another one grabs an Airbrush! Looking forward to seeing your works man. I believe you may be finishing up your tanks even faster now.

    It's also amazing to use this for your terrain projects since they cover really quickly.

  2. Now to select what type of paints you want to use for your airbrush.

    Where you buy your airbrush set? I'm looking for similar hose you have there. The braided green ones.

  3. I got mine through forum recommendations.
    It's a online shop called Eachadeal.

    There are really lots of good stuff there.

    I got my set really cheap.

    These are basically "IWATA kustoms" series replica if I'm not wrong.

    Well I did some research and found out that the company that produces these airbrushes in China are OEM manufacturers for other "name" brands. Same factory output. Minus the brand name. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

  4. Oh yeah and speaking of those braided green hoses.

    It comes with a built in moisture trap! Quite cool.

    I got one in my airbrush set and one in the compressor!!

  5. How much did you get them for and where?

    Any chance you can show me how to use it?



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