Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tutorial : Weathering Chalks

I've always wondered why the general GW hobbyist and "hardcore" scale modeling community have such a different approach towards how our models are done and presented. After all we are both doing roughly the same thing. Only difference I felt was that their community seems more "serious" while we are normally just seen as "gaming geeks".

I know that there are also many "hardcore" modelers and painters within our own community as well. Me being one of them who much prefers painting and modeling to gaming itself. Although how "hardcore" I am is totally subjective.

As we know the modeling part of our hobby has always been evolving and progressing. Just take a look at the painting styles and finish of 2nd edition 40K models compared to the stuff you get today and you will understand what I mean. Today we get so many interesting and advanced modeling techniques that these "hardcore" scale modeling community has been tinkering with even when we still had colorful armies and goblin green bases for everything!

This is evident with brilliant websites such as AwesomePaintJob and The Painting Corps.

Today I am going to try to see how some classic scale modeling techniques will enhance my own hobby. Using weathering chalks.

Here I have used artists chalk pastels. I bought it fairly cheap. SGD$14 for this box. Alternatively you can buy single colors for SGD$1.50 per stick. However I would suggest buying various colors to mix because if you only use a single color the results would not be as realistic. Do not overlook black and white as well. These are vital for lightening colors on darker areas and black soot is always found somewhere on our models especially vehicles.
What you would want is to get them into powder for application. Simply use the hobby knife to scrape the edges of the chalk and you should have a nice gathering. Don't be afraid to scrape more. As we will be using quite alot when we weather.
I am not going to show work in progress shots because applying the pigments is simply a matter of using a dry brush and dipping into the powder and applying generously onto the desired areas. Not much advice I can give here except do not be afraid to "spam" the powders as most of it will "disappear" when you seal it with dullcoat again.

Why again? Before you apply the pigments. First give it a light coat of dullcoat to first protect your finished paintjob, and also to create a rough surface for the pigments to hold on too when you apply it on. You might find yourself going over with the pigments again and again after giving several light coats of dullcoats to finally achieve the desired effects. Once again nothing much I can advice here except trail and error!

Here are some shots of a Command Chimera that I have weathered with chalks.
All those gas masks comes into handy with such dusty vehicles!!!

A shot of a "clean" and "dirty" tank!

~Hope this helps those who are thinking of applying chalks to their models. And if anyone of you have more information or experience with them. Please feel free to share it with us!


  1. Realistic man! I like my tanks looking new though.

  2. I agree man! Its the most realistic effect i've seen that appears do-able without alot of effort :) Do you use watered down white glue to make it stay on more permanently? I gather that the chalk is powdery and may fade with handling.

  3. Oh ya i forgot to add. I can't get dullcoat at the moment. Was meaning to ask if you think the watered down white glue will be an acceptable substitute.

    Cheers ;)

  4. No I did not.

    I went with 2 coats of dull spray and did the chalking twice.
    I am waiting to go to a scale hobby store to pick up some rubbing alcohol. Seems like this is the stuff pros use to get the chalk to stick.

  5. Cool! Thanks for the advice :)

  6. there was a similar article in hobby japan a while back weathering mechas. instead of scraping with a scalpel... get some #200 or course sandpaper... take ur chalk and just draw on the sandpaper... you will get a lot of powder really quick!

    Aside from that great write up beef nuggets... with my tanks almost completed, this is one of the final steps I must undertake to truly finish them off. Thanks again!



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