Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP : Hellhounds Part one

Don't we just love school holidays? Serious painting time is just abundant!
Finished up my 80% done Hellhound with Chem Cannon. I used an old Hellhound model with the drum barrels to differentiate from the other two "new" hellhound models armed with the generic Inferno cannon.
And a look at one of the "new" hellhounds!
One more to go.


  1. Very nice! Good job on all the stripes.

  2. Nice!!!... its really good to have other people's tanks for reference... I tend to go overboard with weathering and battle damage but yours looks believably worn...Keep them tanks rolling out! I've been working on so many tanks I sort of feel I'm getting faster or time is passing faster? or... I suspect my senses getting numb from painting armored boxes... Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for supporting and positive comments!

    I lost count of the number of times I had to repaint the stripes due to wobbly/un-straight results. But I guess it was worth it.

    And I have to agree that painting tanks tend to be a real quick affair. Normally it takes me about 2-3 hours max to completely finish up painting a tank. (minus assembling and priming time of course)

    So you are not alone in finishing tanks real quick! Seems abit "not worth" our money considering the time spent/money spent ratio!

    One tank $40-60SGD. 2-3 hours.
    One squad of 10 men $30-40SGD. 10-20 hours!

    But I love tanks!!!!!!

  4. Wao! Absolutely stunning!

    Hope it is not too demanding to ask for pictures of them in action =)

  5. Yes, do post pics of battle reports! Krom your batreps are well written but you'll have to take pics man! Pictures tell a thousand words and you can link it up with Picasa. You already have a google account for this blog!

  6. Battle reports from me? Guess I'll have to look for circa 2003 photos.

    I have not played since the GW store closed! And even while the GW store was there I don't even game much!

    Anyone wants to invite me to play some games soon? It's school holidays now so it's the best opportunity for me! (and of course for whoever is about to crush me like a pulp as I'm a total 5th Ed noob.....)

  7. Melv, you should get in touch with YC and the gang. Maybe you can get them to start painting faster too. Your tips helped me in the past e.g. black lining.



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