Friday, June 18, 2010

Beat the GW price increase discount.

Yesterday saw the mailman drop (pun intended) these plastic crack for me.

Well I guess like many others this will probably be my last* "big" purchase for a awhile since the recent price hike. ( *we are all lying, we will still buy shit-loads of miniatures no matter what. )

This wraps up the miniatures needed for my new "2010" rendition of my beloved Blood Angels.
Hopefully I will have the discipline (and time!) to finish this army latest by the end of the year.

~Thank you Raymond for the heads up on this fantastic offer. Please post any other discounts as they come along everyone!
Shall we all do a Forgeworld order together sometime soon while the pound is still weak?


  1. You're welcomed!

    I got a ton of stuff coming too! How come you got yours first!? I will snap a picture when it arrives.

    In fact I ordered another box of Tyranid Warriors recently. LOL!

    With so many miniatures around, we must have 40k games!! I know Fantasy has just hit but hell, we need more 40k games! I say let Fantasy sort itself out first!

  2. Wow! Looks like good stuff there :))

    Oh yar, i got the latest newsletter from Wayland Games. This is for those who like the miniature range from Mantic Games ;)

    If you purchase the new Warhammer rulebook from them, Wayland Games will give 8% off from their range of Mantic Games miniatures. The code to enter upon checkout is MANTIC48.

  3. Lol. Hate to burst your bubble but 8th ed. WHF is coming. Oh no.....

  4. Fantasy needs to sort itself out. I will play it but I think it's best to wait until the starter box comes out - cheap way to get minis and the rulebook.

  5. Yours so fast lol good to see more goodies, while waiting for mine.

    I will wait for fantasy rule book to be more affordable then start reading and playing later.

    wayland games charge shipping but when you order a certain amt or some lighter stuffs, it is cheaper than maelstrom without the discount.

    maelstrom with discount code still pwn all.

  6. Agreed YC.

    I am waiting for the starter box to come out before I plunge into Fantasy. Will focus on 40k first since I have like a million minis for Tyranids that need painting.

  7. Guess what I saw today at PI. Fantasy 8th Ed rule book. Yes, store copy is in. A very thick book I must say. Almost twice the size of 40K BRB.
    Nonetheless, play 40K! Play Dark Millenia(40K MMORPG when it release)!



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