Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tale of 6 Gamers: Beef Nuggets Vet Squad 01

Here's my completed Squad for our first challenge.
I started out real fast but found myself slacking off and had to rush them on the last 2 days!

That takes my Mechanized Army's completed unit count to 2!
I painted quite a number of tanks already but always left out the troops as they are a real pain to convert. Will do up a post on how I converted them very soon!

So what and when is the next challenge? Tanks/Monstrous creatures?


  1. Brilliant as always! What I wanna learn is how you get your gradients so and Kenneth all paint very clean...

    The next challenge will be revealed tomorrow!

  2. My hand keep shaking when painting, cant paint straight or clean also LOL.

  3. all you need is some gold stars then u got the people's liberation army represent... lol

  4. Very nice!! Agree with Ray, the paintjob is clean and the lines are really neat, especially the red lines on the uniform. I also like the color combos lots :)

  5. There's another guy at my HK store who paints in clean strokes. The gradients are really nice as well and he always uses a palette.

    In fact, all the good painters I know use palettes. Melv does too.

    A trend?

  6. It's not a trend! It's tools that are needed to paint!
    You're talking about wet palette right? It definitely helps keep the momentum going stronger as they paints dun dry out. Especially mixed colors.

    And yeah some of you noticed the color scheme. Was deciding on it I looked through various countries army uniform and found the green and red color to be extremely pleasing to the eye. Therefore I used it. My tanks are also in this scheme. And they look very effective en masse. You will see it in the next challenge!

  7. Melv: what's your rim colour? Looks black but got slight brown tinge. Am I crazy?

  8. I like the red trim as well, not only the on the uniforms' trim, but the epaulette and cuffs as well. Nicely done.

  9. Thanks for all the positive comments!

    Yes my base rims are black.



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