Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gathering of Angels

Hi all!

Only just finished up the minis for the Tale of 6 Gamers pledge :))

My pledge was to paint up 10 Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. It took awhile cos of all the details on those fine miniatures. So here they are in all their winged glory:

Front view of the Angels.

Top view. My sergeants are represented by "helmetless" dudes. They will usually be selected as my first models to remove from the game in the event of casualties hehe!

Side view.

And finally, the back view.

Again it was really fun to paint these guys, and i had time to improve on the techniques i used earlier. Even more fun is the realization that i am doing it as part of a group. I enjoyed the experience of the Tale of 6 Gamers lots. Its my first participation in such an event :) Will definitely participate again if there are future events, even if i do not manage to finish the minis.

Oh yeah! I had the strangest feeling of being in uni again, and rushing to hand up the assignment the night before. LOL!



  1. Excellent paint job and fast! I notice your highlights are brighter compared to your previous non metallic models? The lights or you change your paints?

    Well for me I did not complete my 9+1 models lol... but I did some consolation models, will update later once I took photos.

  2. Hi YC, its a bit of both actually. I had to speed up the painting process with the painting style.

    Also now the sky quite dark (something to do with the sun setting faster in winter) i had to use the lights in the room for illumination.

    No worries about completion i guess, its all in the fun of participating. Look forward to seeing your models ;))

  3. Wao. Looks wonderfully amazing as an army.

    I think I drooled when I saw the pictures. Hurry come back and dazzle us with your golden shiny armour lol.

    (And then we can melt Dante for gold bars =)

  4. Thanks guys!

    @Krom: Heheh! Dante is ready to ditch his armor the last minute for own survival ;P Ya'll can make the gold bars, he wants to be able to live to have a Bloody Mary at the BA Chapter pub ;)

  5. I completed my squad last night! Was at sporecon this afternoon and dinner outing. Will post my squad as soon as i got home!

  6. I just got back from my store. I have some pics which I will upload in a bit.

  7. In my rush I forgot to mention, AWESOME WORK SAM!

    I think the NMM gold looks great and I am very keen for us to get a game in Aug when we are all back!

    BTW, how did you do the wings? What colours did you use?

  8. Hi Ray,

    Thanks man! I was very much inspired by the awesome artwork of Nicolas R. Giacondino (aka Aerion the Faithful at DeviantArt website). Guys, you should check out his 40k Dark Millenium masterpieces. They will inspire you to start armies lol!

    And i think he's painted almost all the Primarchs. I was specifically inspired by his a piece called 'Angelicus', which is a depiction of Sanguinius in golden armor.

    @enrgie: For them wings i used a fortress grey and chaos black undercoat (1:2). Then fortress grey with chaos black (2:1). Followed pure by Fortress grey drybrushed. And then added skull white to fortress grey as the last layer. A tad of watered down badab black was eased into the grooves of the wings for subtle shadows.

  9. Where's this link for Nicolas?

    I didn't think you would drybrush those wings since they may turn out to be harsh.

    Still they turned out very well.

  10. Hi bro,

    The link is as follows:

    The Go to Gallery button is at the bottom of the page. The option to view 40k Art should be on the left :)

  11. This is awesome... how did I miss this...

    omg... I've tried nmm and just no luck... good show buddy...



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