Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tale of 6 Gamers: Second Challenge Complete!

Presenting my Carnifex! 

I spent quite a bit of time with the skin and have gone through a few rounds of painting! I'll let the photos do the talking. The arms are actually magnetized so I can swap out with the other weapon options. Those options I have not painted and will paint them when I need to use them - mainly because the Carnifex is going to proxy for my Tervigons until the actual model comes out. At the moment, I would not use the actual Carnifex in my games as the Trygon is a much better Heavy Support choice. 


  1. Ray thats a fuckin impressive bug... I really need to get one of those myself... I love it!

  2. Hey dude! No such things as would not use a PAINTED carnifex!

    Place all your painted models on the table. Then do up your army list! Heheh.....

  3. I love the model myself!

    Melv, I will use this model but it will stand in for my Tervigon (GW has not released that model and I am crap at converting). So far in all my games, I have been using this Carnifex as my stand in for my Tervigon (it's supposed to be about the same size and look about the same). I have another 2 coming in the mail so lookout MEATBALL LIST on it's way. Looks like those Hellhounds you completed will come in handy during our matchup!

  4. It looks like the eavy metal carnifex from the codex.

  5. Thanks man! This was such a fun model to build and paint. GW really has improved on their sculpts so much.

  6. Yo manz, amazing job! It looks really really well painted! I like it alot :))) One of your best works dude!



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