Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where's the yellow?

So I was busy toying around with my new found painting method of Airbrushing that I hastily painted up my first Assault Marine. If you remember seeing in my previous post I painted all the armor parts. Then I went in to fill in the details and all the other parts on the model.

Once completed. I was looking at it long and hard. Then I realized something wrong. BA assualt marines had yellow helmets! No wonder I felt something was strange about this bugger! So I had to repaint the helmet yellow. Along with all the gems and eye details. What a bummer.....

Anyways here he is completed!


  1. Here is a suggestion for an awesome way to do those wings from the DC box set. Base the entire wing (crevasses as well) with space wolves grey. Then do a heavy wash of asuerman blue. Let it dry completely, then taking a fine brush, paint half of each feather, from the half way point of the feather, DOWN, so you preserve the darkness created by the differing elevation of the individual feathers. When doing this use skull white, and make sure it goes on pure, so it doesn't show through the blue. You could try the same as well, simply changing the wash to your preferred color.

    Paints needed
    Skull white
    any wash
    Spacewolves grey

    good luck
    it makes the model POP!

  2. Nice work on the BA! I didn't even notice that they had yellow helmets!! I really wanna give the Airbrush a shot with my Gaunts. If it really can help paint so fast, it's gonna be worth it!

    Welcome Pastafarion!

  3. Thanks for the painting tips!

    I might try it out for my Sanguinary Guard. Since I have yet to complete them.

    I'm trying to keep the normal troopers simple so that I can keep things churning out nice and quick.

    I actually painted it somewhat like how you mentioned. Only that I did not wash it with any color as I wanted it to be pure white. And since the white don't go on clean in one coat I made use of the first "greyish" coat as the base white. Then went ahead to go one more layer on top. Thus reducing one step!

    Yes please get an airbrush setup Ray. It's really worth it. I spent $200 on mine and feel it's one of the most worthwhile things I've bought in awhile.

    Don't forget an airbrush not only does great colors. It also lets you do batch Varnish/finishing as well!

    Simply load up the brush with Liquidtex Dull varnish and spray away!

    No more spray cans for colors or varnishes!



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