Monday, June 21, 2010

Venerable dreadnought complete

I've been side tracking a lot lately with different projects I'm juggling all at once. This venerable dreadnought was q pretty fun build. For the time being I think its done. Done in a sense that it is completely expandable... I won't bother with doing the other weapons as the plasma cannon is the only weapon I don't have on a dreadnought, not that I'm a plasma cannon fan lol. they always end up killing myself overheating, don't have to worry about that on a dreadnought though but with how far plasma rounds can scatter, I wouldn't count on it too much.

Ultimately I want to add nid skulls onto this model. I want this to be a tyranid prize fighter dreadnought.


  1. Why is there a space marine head? Do you have something more techie-maybe use one of the land raider searchlights or something?

  2. the new venerable dreadnought kit came with a head this size... I know its a bit smaller than the forgeworld ones as well but hey... i needed to work with what I got with articulation in mind.

    I guess the reason why some dreadnoughts have heads and some have a mailbox face plate is because some marines are very wounded and not much of their body resembles their original form. Some marines are luckier, maybe chopped in half wast down so the head can still be incorporated. I guess being able to salvage the real biological heads into the dreadnought beats any sensor/detectors and therefore making it venerable? lol I guess...

  3. The Dread will be an awe inspiring sight on the battlefield! Nicely done! I especially like the effect on the claws and the realistic tone of the armor :)



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