Saturday, July 31, 2010

Papa JJ's miniatures unboxed!

It's always nice when a big box of fresh miniatures arrive from the postman.
But today's box was a special one. Thank you Jason (Papa JJ). Remember to check out his blog. From which all these miniatures originate from.

~As promised once these miniatures arrive I will be giving them VIP treatment and they will jump my painting queue. Just in perfect timing as I finally completed my 30 man Spearmen regiment! Be sure to check back as I post their progress step by step, from assembling till painting complete!


  1. Quite a journey for the new recruits! I'm very happy as well as relieved to know that they have arrived in good order. It feels great knowing that they're a useful contribution to your army, thanks!

  2. Congrats again dude! You're so lucky!

    Papajj you'll have to do a competition for Tyranids! Haha!

  3. goodies!

    lol helbaster, I hate that gun.

  4. Wow! Some very nice stuff there! Great reinforcements for the Empire :)



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