Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Terrain Inspiration

Was looking at some terrain photos and was really impressed with the quality of production these pieces so I thought I would share them with you guys. These can serve as a template or inspiration for your projects.

Enjoy the pics!

On another note, I do welcome ideas how we can further develop our collection of terrain at YC's place and my place. 

With Fantasy coming up real soon, there is a need to do up proper terrain for both systems. Ideas guys?


  1. Maybe for inspiration, a great german terrain forum. check out the galleries.


  2. i really like the factory/warehouse... I've had those bulkheads bit from a garage sale i went to in 6th grade. I think they came with the old school imperial base made from precut hard cardboard. now i know what to do with them... lol

  3. 6th Grade? Wow...when did you start in this hobby?

  4. That link is impressive. The terrain that they have made...wow! It's too bad I can't read German.

  5. I'm planning a winter theme urban city of death to go with the gaming board at my place. The bastions and gw ruins will be included.

    For fantasy, we dont really need complicated terrains, important ones are hill, forest and maybe an odd building here and there. Forest can be easily made as I have spare woodland scenics trees (around 10 pines trees) which I can give you. Hills can buy or make. GW Fantasy buildings are quite cheap around S$20+ for 1. We can sub some 40k ruins as fantasy terrain too.

  6. Do you wanna leave the winter theme urban board to my place? We can work together to build the 40k terrain to suit the board you have built. We will need the colours you used for the board so that we can base our buildings in similar theme.

    My idea is to pool together (say SG$50 each person) and buy materials for our terrain day. It can comprise things such as dense foam for basing, plasticard, GW buildings etc.

    I talked to YX about forests yesterday and yes, let's get those pre-flocked paper to make templates for our forests and put the Woodland Scenics trees on good bases to represent the wood. This is also because we usually use templates to represent a forests which are also columns.

  7. I also failed to mention that I have an urban board that can also be used in Fantasy for the Badlands.

    I do however suggest building terrain for one theme first before we move onto another. That way we will get more choice of terrain for one table instead of only a very limited selection of terrain for 2 tables.

  8. Nope, I will prefer the winter gaming board to stay in my place so that we 'eastern-ers' have some place to play when you are not free. If we consolidate everything to a single location, it will be quite restrictive for gaming.

    I'm ok with the pooling together to buy terrains and materials. S$50 I think is too much for an individual.

    A gw terrain is around S$26, so I suggest S$30. With S$4 to buy materials. A brief count we have like 6-7 ppl (I think) who are willing to contribute. This comes up to 6-7 pieces of gw terrains and around S$30 to buy materials.

    We can start terrain day once we received gw terrains (order from maelstrom?) and buy the materials locally.
    6-7 pieces gw terrain + diy terrains = more than enough terrain.

  9. @enrgie
    they have an english corner in their forum, just ask them :)

    or drop me a mail (t-800a[at]gmx.de) and i'll try to translate some stuff for you.

  10. Sounds like a plan.

    Let's catch up during the next gaming day, say 24th July. Since all the terrain is at YC's place, let's meet there if YC is available.

    @t800a: Thanks for the offer! I appreciate it!



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