Thursday, July 1, 2010

Men of the Empire.

*pic from Games Workshop website

Well I guess I cannot deny all the hype coming out from WFB. And my wandering mind has already started to build new armies and paint schemes for it.

Then I came across this picture on the GW website. And I heard the calling. I was going to do a Nuln army of the Empire. A new Empire army just for 8th Edition.

I have an Empire army in 6th Edition. It was a Stirland army. Very generic empire army.

Now I wanna do a gunnery army for them! I just love the color scheme it is so menacing yet striking! I will go home tonight and gather the miniatures needed for the army (yes I do have a large stash of models in storage) and will post pics of them asap!

~So which army will you guys be doing?


  1. I will be still trying to complete my Bretonnian army haha :)

  2. DAMN the LADY! I pee in your lake.

    Complete my VC! Bought it from GW plaza many yrs ago and 3/4 still in boxes with shrink wrap lol.

  3. @crazyrat: I hope the Lady is still interested though, i've done some shameful things in the lake too hehehe ;P

    Hordes of zombies do sound good man! As other gamers also include horde style units, there will be much more brains for the undead ;)



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