Saturday, July 31, 2010

Terrain purchases!

Well after the Maelstrom orders we still have forest and hills left to make. So today I went to Art Friend to check out what they had. And boy was I surprised! They had a truckload of Woodlands Scenics stuff in stock! Two whole shelves of it! From rubber molds to entire terrain kits and so much others! Even all the shaker bottles of all kinds of flock were in stock. Guys in SG please do check it out. I bought myself some underbrushes for my Empire army, felt kinda bored with the usual static grass. Want to achieve abit of the historical minis look. Been very much inspired recently.

~So here we have 12 tree armatures and 2 large bags of Lichen. Plus the spare armatures laying around I guess it should be enough to make quite a forest. Each tree should stand about 7" tall. $40SGD total. That makes it to about $3SGD per tree. Pretty reasonable.

Can't wait to get terrain building!


  1. Time to make a REAL FOREST! With trees that actually tower over the miniatures instead of clumpy little bushes.

  2. which art friend you visit? the taka 1 or the 1 near the national library?



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