Saturday, July 3, 2010

Empire Spearmen of Nuln. And my painting journey....

I read many painting tutorials and articles and realized that my usual painting style was very different from the trends of today. Many painters fully utilize the washes and dips to very good results. Therefore after studying how many others achieved this I decided what better way than to try this different approach to painting than to start a new army.

In this case, my 8th Edition Empire from the city-state of Nuln. How different is this approach some of you must be wondering. Well let's first see how I usually paint.

I usually paint on colours and successive highlights very carefully, most of the time leaving the black showing in between colours. This has of course achieved a very stark contrast between colours and made minatures "pop" more dramatically. This can also be achieved by what many know of as "black lining".

While this method of painting has it's own beauty, it really isn't the most efficient way of painting. Most of the time I would be spending it on very careful application of each colour. Hoping not to mess up and spill over. Back then GW inks were a messy affair. So I stayed away from any kind of washes and simply relied on painting in whatever effects I required.

But this (new to me) approach is almost opposite to what I have been doing for so long. I applied flat colours directly. Without worry of messing up a little (notice I said little! whatever you paint please don't just go crazy and mess things up, you will regret it later!)

Once all the flat colours were down then comes all the GW washes. I used Devlan mud for the flesh parts and bedab black for everything else. All the little mess ups will be muted and "cleaned up" by the washes.

Then the next step is to simply go over the base colour again and one more final stage of highlight.

What I like about this approach it that is creates a "softer" and more natural blending of colours. And of course with the added benefit of being almost "cheatingly" fast as well!

Here's what I produced in 45mins. I am estimating 30-35 mins max when I batch paint.

I went for a colour scheme that I have never considered before for any of my armies. A monochromatic grey. With only a tinge of red on one part of the model. This colour scheme will be applied throughout the entire army. Hopefully able to create a stunning and unusual mono-colour look.

*p.s ~ Those who have watched Sin City or read the comics before will know what kind of feel I am trying to achieve.

I chose Nuln because their colours are mainly black. Which suits my monochrome theme. And of course I want to have an excuse to field many cannons and warmachines!

~ I know I am late on this, many of you would have already been using this method of painting when GW released their washes a couple of years ago. Don't ask why as I myself do not know how I could have missed painting in this approach. Those who have more expert tip on painting please share it with us!

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