Friday, July 16, 2010

Terrain day plan

As discuss earlier with Enrgie, he is setting up a gaming place. With his gaming board incoming(6x2"x2"???),  we will need more terrains, to make sure everyone contribute to the gaming group. Everyone will need to contribute S$30 to buy terrains. Around S$26 will be use to buy gw and/or other companies terrain kits. The S$4 will be use to buy materials to DIY some basic terrains like forest, hills and impassable terrains.

If S$30 is too much or for some reasons you don't want to contribute financially, you can donate a decent size terrain piece (eg: DIY ruin building) and some paints/spray paints(2 cans) to the gaming group, the terrain piece can be DIY or bought, it just got to look decent and not some lame ice-cream sticks  glue together crap.  

For me I will be contributing S$30 for the terrain day fund and also giving my woodland-scenics trees (around 10 pine trees) for DIY forests. 

A brief count, we may have 6-7 people willing to contribute. That will come up to 6-7 pieces of gw terrain if we buy all gw terrain kits.  Including the DIY terrains we will have more than enough terrain for both 40k and fantasy. 

Edit- So far the contributors are the following
5)Beef nuggets

A piece of good news, maelstrom is giving 17.5% discount again till 1st august 2010. We should decide and purchase the stuffs before the discounts ends.

Your 17.5% off UK RRP discount voucher ends on the Sunday of the Perfect Storm birthday weekend, the 1st of August 2010, at midnight (GMT)

Your voucher code is: THE-PERFECT-STORM

Feel free to add ideas to this post or comment below if you are contributing. 


  1. I'm in. $30 will go a long way. Just look at our gaming terrain that we used 10 years ago. We are still using them today.

    There is currently no terrain at my place so we will have to figure out how to get some terrain over at my place.

    YC, are you okay to let us use this fund to furnish the table at my place?

    My place will always be open to you guys so feel free to come by and play. We just need terrain.

    I have a few ideas how to make the Cities of Death go a longer way by modding most of the pieces. Since I have the 6x4 urban board that j-hova gave to me, it makes sense to have an urban based board.

    Also, YC are you planning to pass me the green mat board?

  2. damn son... I got everything at my house to play. more tables/terrain than a single person should ever own.

    I wish I had friends that are into this.

  3. You do. They are all in Singapore!

    Seriously though, you have guys at FA who are keen!

  4. Yea I will pass you the green mat board but I will need some help in bringing it to your place. To start you off, I'll pass you the mordheim terrains. Should be able to last till we get the terrain day event going.

    Regarding using funds, the gaming grp should contribute together for the terrains.

    If you want to play you should contribute something.
    S$30 is not alot if you are already into this hobby...

    So now lets wait for the response for the final tally of people going to contribute.

  5. I am in too. We all stand to gain so I see no reason not to contribute to the group =)

    So are we gonna sit down and discuss what to contribute non-monetary (painting or basing, etc) soon as well?

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with YC. $30 to be honest is very little for us since we will be meeting quite regularly to play.

    I suggest 24th July to sit down and discuss. That way we can put down our plan, break down who's doing what, what themes etc. It'll be quite fun!

  7. Count me in of course.

    I was the one who initially suggested SGD$50!!!

    I guess all the Mordhiem terrain that's going over first is considered part of my early contributions? Heheh....

    I don't have other terrain left to contribute. But rest assured I shall be volunteering to paint quite some stuff!!!

  8. Bring along your Heroes of the Imperium that you completed!



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