Sunday, August 1, 2010

Terrain: Forests!

No game this week so instead, we started creating our forest! 

Using the materials Melvin got from Artfriend yesterday, here they are completed on their makeshift stands. We will base them on proper bases to turn them into movable trees.

They are quite fragile so if you're playing at our place, please treat them gently!


  1. BUSHY I like! too bad you cant play next 2wks :(

  2. Yea that's why I wanted to play today. Maybe the following Sunday. I'll let u know because my girl going back at 6am

  3. I will build up my 1k BA by this wk and hopefully can undercoat all the 1k base coat. Already undercoated my assault terminators and painted their eyes.

  4. Use your airbrush to speed the painting process? Mel is coming to my place tomorrow to paint his army. He will be bringing his airbrush too so I'll get to undercoat all my nids in Bleached Bone!

  5. I'm back.

    And the forest looks good! So what am I supposed to do? =)

  6. Welcome back to Singapore!

    You first have to pay me $40!!! LOL!

    Then prepare your army - build and start painting a 1000 point army - both Fantasy and 40k.

    I am entering the 40k Noob Tourney so bring your hardest 40k army to fight against me!

  7. Hi guys, my internet is back up again :)

    Very nicely done trees man! They look really lush and realistic ;) I like it lots!

    And welcome back Krom!

  8. lol thanks

    consider that done.



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