Tuesday, July 6, 2010

13th Co. WIP

Just started works on 20 13th co. space wolves plus 1 converted wolf priest as besides the main names characters, space wolves hq are hard to come by in hkg.

Its gonna suck painting up so many guys. I dread this stage so much. I just wanna fast forward to the last 20% as that's when the sense of reward starts to settle in.


  1. Great use of Chaos parts with SW bits! I am not too big a fan of the Meltagun though, it's gotta to be used with two hands!

  2. lol the sw codex does say close combat + bolt pistol + bolter under grey hunters.

    I got my new job bro... tues-thursday in china... wtf am I gonna do now? fakkkkkk

  3. Yeah I know what you mean but for those with the bolters in hand, you could have the close combat weapon attached to the back as if it's slung. A one handed bolter grasp just didn't seem realistic!

    Bring your minis along to where ever you're going and paint in the evenings!

  4. Looks like the beginning of a really awesome addition to your Space Wolves! The Wolf Priest looks really scary, but in a cool way :)

  5. @ray if you look at the models on the sw box art, they have 1 hand on bolter, 1 hand on chainsword. In the codex, it says, if more than 10 in a squad, I can replace 2 bolters for 2 special weapons. single hand wielding a melta gun/plasma/flamer is just too gangsta... I shoulda modeled the sideways pistol grip for you like nicholas cage is face off... Castor Troy you nigga!!! lol

    @skawny it seems you have a sw army too? I saw your arjac... looking really good bro... I dunno how to make mine... dunno which base model I should use... post up the rest of your sw army man. I would really like to see... btw, none of my guys have pupils as my eyes are too bad. I'm picking up my glasses today. Will you do a tutorial on how to do eyes?



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