Monday, July 12, 2010

Cranking ass cans out the ass

How much does it suck to have to drop cash everytime you wanted a one-off component from a GW kit? Not anymore! I've decided to save up money and attempted to cast my own resin parts. In the close up shot, you can see the quality... not as bad as the worst of what I've bought from forgeworld.


  1. Those are pretty damn sweet! I wanna see them in person!

  2. yeh man... exciting times now... shame you had to peace out

  3. You casted them DIY?

    If it is thats damn cool!

  4. He's got an impressive casting technique. I want to use it to create big monsters!!

  5. Agreed! Awesome casting kung fu there man! I thought it was da real thang lol!

  6. hmmm... i can only say so much now as so much is still on the drawing board. I have a company called terraform. I will be offering fully painted terrain catering to table top games at a reasonable price.

    As I am zeroing down on suppliers who can materialize my designs to my standard of expectations, I have asked for them to trial cast some bits for me to see. None of these bits are for sale as the rights belong to gw.

    As a teaser, I have designed wolf mounts for my Calvary units and a dreadnought dropship to cater to the BA players.

    will keep you guys posted!

  7. Jay, do a sample terrain piece. Work out the costs too for prepainted terrain. I know that we here in Singapore are willing to pay for good terrain.

    Your main product line can take the lead from Gale Force Nine's "Battlefield in a Box" series. Go buy a piece and you'll see what I mean. It's durable and painted to a gamer quality. However, it lacks flexibility like the GW series. If you can merge the GW flexibility with the durability of GF9's product, you have a sure win!

    Then it's down to the damn pricing. LOL!

  8. nice casts, would love to get some personal casts done of some converted figures, just wish i could find a good caster locally (or internationally if the price is good)



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