Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nuln Spearmen/Empire army built WIP

It's been Fantasy vibes for me ever since I got my July White Dwarf. And I have been digging through all my old miniature stash to set up my Nuln Army for the 8th Edition. Feels quite nice to be using majority 6th Edition Miniatures for my army. Makes keeping minis in storage not seem so bad after all!

Can't wait to get my hands on the rulebook and play some battles! Seeing how this new edition will require large amounts of infantry I could not help myself but start painting them up in anticipation. (and so that I can have as much painted stuff as possible when I start playing!)

So with so many hundreds (literally) of models to paint I have begun and after my first Spearmen test model I went full on to paint up my first unit of 30 Spearmen with full command. My aim is to finish this regiment of 30 models by the week. If I am able to churn out a unit a week (wishful thinking but I'll try!) I can forsee very good progress in my intended 3000pt army.

Here's some WIP shots so far of my Spearmen.

And here you can see the Miniatures I have found for my Nuln army. Not all will be for my Nuln army, I'm still deciding what models I need. Most are unpainted. The few that have some base coats will see a repaint in my black & white Nuln color scheme. Will post the other painted Empire army here soon.

What I will probably need to buy is a few more Handgunners and Warmachines (more cannons and mortars!) to make it truly a Black Powder army from the Gunnery State!

After reading this article on BOLS about Empire in 8th edition. I'm glad I decided to do a Nuln army as it seems that the Empire's range missiles will be rocking!

~ Anyone has any spare Handgunners from 6th edition laying around? Or know someone who has or knows a place still selling them? I'm interested! I hope I don't have to resort to the current models. Which are butt ugly in my opinion!!! Help me out here!

And as always, comments on a Nuln army list is always welcome! As I'm still waiting upon the official FAQS to be released before I set which miniatures I will need to build my intended 3000point army.


  1. I may actually have some of those handgunners. How many are you looking for?

  2. Hey there! I'm looking for anything between 10-30 of them.
    Please let me know if you want to let them go!

    I can be contacted at


  3. Looking good man! My HE will be walking alongside with you vanquishing all forces of Chaos!

  4. I really dig the color scheme. Its simple yet striking at the same time. I like the way the shields are done. And everything's very neatly painted too!



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