Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August White Dwarf.

Well my August WD just came in the mail today.

This issue is Daemon issue. Lots and lots of stuff on the new plastic releases. Some very nice alternative colour schemes as well!

However my gripe with the subscription issues are that they normally arrive in my mailbox in a very bad condition. Granted I paid so much less than if I were to pick it up off the shelves at our LGS. It's about $12SGD at the LGS and only $8SGD with subscription.

~Broken spines, folded covers and overall ghettoness is what comes along with the subscription. I'm really particular about this as I have a WD library from 1995 till now and I have every intention of keeping them in good condition on my bookshelf. I wonder if GW could do anything about it. (I'm guessing not). But I'll try sending them an email anyway.

Sigh, looks like I won't be extending my subscription with WD once my years issue is up. I'd really rather pay $4SGD more for a good condition copy.

Anyone of you facing the same problems?


  1. In my area they offer in-store pick up. You get the subscription discount, but the issues are sent to your local store. They arrive in excellent condition for me this way. It may not be available everywhere though? I've always assumed GW loves this as it lures you into the store a minimum of once a month!

  2. When I worked for GW they said that if you get an issue in terrible shape you can actually bring it in for a new one. Of course you have to wait til the release date of said issue, but it maybe an option.

  3. I'm not sure about the store thing I might find out on that. Sounds quite cool to at least visit the LGS at least once too in IMO. Keeps the vibe in check. (Isolation too long from the outside world of hobby makes you quite slow I think).

    There isn't a GW store in singapore, so I don't think and independent retailer would bother with the exchange. Yeah I remembered the days when there was a GW store you could practically bring back ANYTHING and change if there was an issue with it! Good times!



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