Friday, July 16, 2010

Batrep: Orcs vs Space Wolves

While my shipment of stuff makes it way over from Hong Kong to Singapore (I am relocating to Singapore), I was down at YC's place for a game. Since I didn't have my stuff, I borrowed YC's Orcs.

Head on over to for the battle report between Krom and myself. This was a 1500 points of Space Wolves vs Tyranids.


  1. Good game.

    Main reason why people do not use Thunderwolf Calvary is because there is NO official GW model. A BIG mistake on GW part.

    Can say the same for Tyranids. If only they had TerXXXXX, TyrannXXXX.... models. Sigh.

    Good game.

  2. GW really missed out but I know that a number of ppl had gone out and bought extra Carnifex + Trygon kits to create those monsters - effectively giving GW more sales!

    Grim, when do I get to play wi you?



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