Monday, July 12, 2010

A story of goodwill.

I got home today and went about checking all the usual blogs I follow. And I found out that today was going to be the day where Papa JJ from diceRolla was announcing the results to his blog giveaway in his Hey Win Some Stuff entry. I joined in hoping to win some miniatures to help with my Slanneesh Chaos Warriors army.

Although I eventually did not win the grand prize. I was awed at the fact that Papa JJ actually went on to give out consolation prizes for everyone that took part in the giveaway!
Not only did he give out a whole bucket load of stuff to everyone involved. You can check out all the free stuff he gave away here. He painstakingly went to do some research work on all our blogs to find out what we were involved in and gave out stuff according to what he felt was most appropriate. That is just crazy!
Anyway here is a little extract of his blog post -

"Beef Nuggets - To help fill some of those gaps you mentioned in the Nuln army you're now working on, how about two new warmachines? One is a new Empire Artillery box (the cannon/mortar one), the other is the Empire Volley Gun/Rocket Battery box. Also I've got a box of Empire Wizards, Empire State Troops, and a blister pack Master Engineer Repeater Pistol. I hope these will help you out."

~Big thanks to Papa JJ for these lovely miniatures! Words cannot express my gratitude to such an act of goodwill on your part in helping out fellow wargamers around the world. Be sure to catch all the painting updates on these miniatures as soon as I get them. You are after all now an official shareholder to this wonderful Nuln army.



  1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all the kind words. It was a blast getting to spend time searching around for appropriate prizes for all of you. I had a lot of fun and am very grateful that everything has been so well received by you guys. I'm quite pleased to have helped out and it will be a real treat for me to see these minis when they start to show up on your blog. Thanks again, I'll be sending out your reinforcements asap.

  2. Wow! Congratulations Melvin!

    Thanks Papa!

  3. Congrats =)

    It was really nice to hear about such acts of kindness among fellow Warhammer-ers.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Melvin :) The act of generosity is both heart warming and inspiring. It made my day man, reinforces my faith in the good in this world :)))

    Can't wait to see them painted man! Especially da volley gun ;)



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