Friday, July 9, 2010

Airbrushed SteamTank

A "little distraction", these are 2 words we hear so many times from others and even from ourselves. Well I guess my target of completing my 30 Spearmen unit got pushed back. By a SteamTank!

So I was sitting around my paint station on a slow afternoon ( I was ill and on Medical Leave ) staring at the stacks of miniatures I needed to paint for my Empire army. I was also thinking about how I could utilize my recently bought airbrush in my fantasy army.

Using them for 40k was no problem as there were loads of Marine armour and IG tanks. Tanks I thought! How could I use it on my Empire Steam Tank? Then on my iTunes playlist randomly came up the "Fade to Black" song by Metallica. And by a magical spell by the wizards of the Lore of "Metal" (pun intended) I knew what I wanted to do.

With my limited palette of colours in my Nuln army and even more limited skill of using an airbrush I decided upon using the 2 primary colours. White fading into black. I not only decided on using this for my Steam Tank but for all my State Troop standard bearers as well. If it all goes well I might even extend them to the barding for my Great Weapon Knights unit!
Here we can see my previously "WIP" Steamtank. The metal version.
Application a success.
A little cleaning up to see the fade better.
And some painting done through the night. Hopefully I'll finish it up in the following day.

Although I side tracked on my initial target I managed to get 11 guys done and even did up a 6 wide by 5 rank movement tray for them. Any progress is good progress in painting!

~What a surprise it is for me to suddenly want to paint my SteamTank. I'm sure many of you guys will get distracted (hopefully by painting minis!) while working on a project but when the vibe and inspiration comes I say go for it. Working with pure enthusiasm often yields a good time with your hobby and isn't' having a good time what our hobby is all about in the first place?


  1. Nice work! Is the tank complete? I think it's impressive how you came up with the idea! Can't really do it with a normal brush!

  2. Nope its not complete. However it's due to be finished by tonight (fingers crossed). Still have to do up all the little details and final highlighting. Not forgetting I still have my targeted 19 more spearmen to go~

    I will leave out the engineer for another time. Jus focus on doing up the main tank for the time being.

  3. Nice! I am looking forward to seeing it.

    I wish I had my gear with me to start painting. I am itching to finish my Nids for the gathering in August. Jason is coming down to Singapore to play!

    Btw, we are gathering tomorrow, Sat at YC's place man. What's your mobile number?

  4. I think I shud be able to make it tom.
    Let me know the plan. 96781368.

    Where are you staying now btw?

  5. Great job on the steamtank man!

    The white looks ace! Especially the effect of gradual fade to grey, then black. The effect looks smooth and unbroken.

  6. As noted above, that's really great work... the transition of colors looks beautiful. Also the black and white scheme shown on those spearmen is very nice as well. I expect the whole army will be quite striking when seen on the table together.



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