Saturday, July 3, 2010

canis wolfborn WIP

My surprise present wip. I have mixed feelings about this one... I still don't know who sent this here and the sculpt kinda sucks as part of canis' head suffered from severe miscast tragedy resulting a flat skull (with hair to comb over) on his right cerebral cortex. On the same note, the wolf kinda reminds me of a mad chow x german shepherd if there is such thing. I dunno how to make this cool.... :(


  1. I really like the base. How did you do it?

    And why don't you just take a picture and send it to GW and see if they can replace it? I'm not sure how you're gonna claim where you bought it from but I guess can try?

  2. hahahaahah i can't believe someone likes the base. it was pretty fail when i first made it. I wanted to go for a cracked pavement kinda feel similar to the bases that come with dreadnoughts.

    I used tamiya epoxy putty. The guy at the model store was like "yeh the slow drying type will cure harder and sturdier..." so i bought it, made the shape and left it on my roof to dry except that day was so hot, the shape kinda dried in a melting manner. almost like a pile of shit as the edges are all ploppy... glad u like it!

  3. Actually that is exactly why I asked. Although I have never thought of it as shit until you mentioned it.

    Rocks and formations with the accidental effect you got are normally found near coastal areas and places with heavy rainfall or water. I assumed the SW would be in a snowy climate therefore the hard edges have been weathered by the water.

    I honesty think it looks cool and realistic. You might consider using the rofftop sunning method for the rest of the army! Just add some snow and it should look great! IMHO.

  4. I especially like the way the armor pieces are done as well as the fur on the wolf. The red on the lightning claw is also well blended ;) and gives a nice contrast to the model.

    Great job man!

  5. I dont really see where you said the head actually doesn't work. Doesn't show on the pic. I agree wi Melvin, write in to GW and say it's a present. Show them the picture.

  6. I like the armour. Looks good.

  7. Thanks guys for all the comments and support. I think the newer post of canis will show his deformed head as I really tried to capture him in all his defective glory.

    So, I guess its up to me now that Ray is back in sg to hold down the fort with posting and batreps in HK. I feel like a lone catachan warrior stuck in a very lonely outpost in the middle of the jungle surrounded by orks lol...

  8. Yes Jay!

    You are my HK correspondent!



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