Sunday, July 25, 2010

tau army progression

With 36 fire warriors, sniper drone team, 18 drones & 9 stealth suits done, the outstanding units are 10 crisis suits with an armada of tau tanks.

Since last week, camo and basic coloring for the 6 tau tanks are done. final posing and mods to the battle suits are also done awaiting basecoating in black.

The reason why the tau are partially red is because to be frugal, I bought all the tanks and the battle suits 2nd hand for a huge bargain. I guess the kid who put the models together did it in a rush. All of those pre-owned models were basically gut up into bits and pieces, filed down, reposed, joints modified and converted and then put back together in my style of assembly.

I decided to take a break from my space wolves to work on the tau for a change. Being a huge gundam/mecha fan, my experiences with building and modeling tau has really allowed me to feel really in my element of talent whenever I work on these models. I want them to look like they jumped out of the appleseed universe. Lets hope it all works out.


  1. I like the fiery colour scheme. Strange how you mixed two very distinct colour tones to your army - Grey and Red.

  2. those aren't done man. the red was the previous owner's color... the grey bits are converted bits.. lol

  3. Thats ALOT of firepowah ya got there man :)



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