Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stormtalon – Ravenwing wip 4 (LED's wired up)

highlights, details are done being painted. Decals were applied with mr. marksofter then painted over the transparent edges to get rid of the gloss on the decal graphic. I walked over to some guys digging a hole for road maintenance and scooped up some sand. I swear they gave me the oddest look. With that I managed to base my stand. Added a bit of GW 40k architecture to the base to give it more feel. Techmarine pilot was done up along with the cockpit. I wired up a red micro LED to give it the low light illuminations mimicking those of real gunships. Will be working on some battle damage next before I matte spray the whole model. Stay tuned! I'll be working on highlighting and detailing up an old ravening wing army I bought as an ongoing log.

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