Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Battle Report: Dust Warfare 200AP at PIMP with Fauzi

Dust Night at PI Midpoint and this time I played with Fauzi. Fauzi took 200AP worth of Allies comprising mainly jump troops with TWO heroes. I think they were Rhino and Ozz 117. 

Objectives: Eliminate the Enemy
Deployment: Close engagement
Conditions: None

Abdullah setup the terrain and we rolled off to take table sides. 

Placed my sniper in the gothic building on the left, Laser Grenadiers and Command behind the massive container. 

Deployed my Heavy Infantry further up. Those counted as Hard Cover so even while they were close to my lines, I could depend on them holding the line.

Fauzi deployed both Ozz and Rhino with his squad of Grim Reapers in the middle. His support were the Tank Busters and Blackhawk
Since Fauzi placed his walker alone, I was too tempted. I deployed my Battle Grenadiers in the far flank to try to cap it

And then he just swiveled the canon to take out 2 guys. 

On the far right flank I opened up with my sniper taking one of the Tank Busters out

As the Laser Grenadiers moved up to support my Heavies

Using another Blizkrieg order, they move closer for the kill

Fauzi advances up the middle of the field. He redeploys Rhino into his unit of Tank Busters to soak up some damage

And starts laying down suppression on my Laser Grenadiers. In my turn my manage to take out one of his Grim Reapers

I poured as much fire as possible into his lines but this turn proved to be quite uneventful

Meanwhile these three took a shot at the walker but no luck there...


Fauzi lost his Grim Reapers but he managed to send in his Tank Busters and took out 4 of my Laser Grenadiers. 

And on the left field, the duel continues. I was using Blizkrieg order every turn to move my men further behind his tank and force him to keep his tank out of the game

Used the Burst mode on the Heavy Flak Grenadiers and managed to take do one wound on his Tank Busters. His Blackhawk managed to take out my sniper too

Opened up on the Light Walker who technically should be dead by now! 
Note: while we played the rules by the book last week, it wasn't exactly right. LOS should be drawn by the highest point of the model at the centre of its base. This was somewhere turn 4 that we found this out but we played on

Only one last Tank Buster left and he was causing a lot of chaos. 

Poured all my attacks into his Tank Buster and managed to remove it. Finally managed to kill off his Blackhawk too. 

So the game ended at Turn 5. Fauzi managed to kill off my sniper and my Battle Grenadier and Laser Grenadiers. I managed to kill off his Blackhawk, Grim Reapers and Tank Busters. 3 KP each so it was a draw!

Took a picture of my 200AP list at where it stands. 3 more units to paint. Battle Grenadiers, Sniper and Heinrich

Close up of the units

The Heavy units
Next game will likely be another 200 followed by a 300AP game I hope. I have in mind a few lists but want to actually complete painting this army before I escalate. 

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