Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Batrep: Dust Warfare 200AP with Abdullah at PIMP

Had our regular Monday Dust night over at PI Midpoint. Since only Abdullah turned up early, I ended up playing our grudge match! 

This time we increased the pointage to 200AP and I used the same army I used with Melvin last week. Kept it simple. 

Objective: Key Position 
Deployment: Force Collision

Pressed the full 24" radius with my sniper taking the high point. Selected objectives were the sniper roost and the crumbled out building on the left of the picture

Abdullah took the other corner and instead of deploying his sniper on top of the tank out them on the ground in front of the container

Took the first Command Phase and pushed my units forward to secure the objective. I planned to flank with my light walker.
I still wasn't convinced that the Heinrich was worth it from my previous game. However, the enemy were mainly Infantry 3 so may have proven less effective. Against Infantry 2, this walker may prove useful.

Abdullah moves up his army during his Command Phase. He had rolled really high for Command too. 

I took some shots from Abdullah but managed to roll my armour saves. 

First shot of the game. I also figured out that we have been playing the cover mechanic wrong so started using the new understanding. If Line of Sight (LOS) can be traced through any area terrain and you can't trace a direct line to the walker's base, then the walker benefit from it's cover. 

Abdullah moves up his entire army. Of particular note was this flank as it had his BBQ squad and Grim Reapers. 
Previous games has led me to believe that BBQ squad is really powerful so I was really cautious about them.

I held the middle ground and started pushing my Infantry 3 units up. 

They stepped out to snipe at the Gunners 

While the rest advance under the cover of trees

I kept pushing up my army while Command tries to heal my missing Spotter from my Sniper unit

I kept my Laser Grenadiers back as a defensive force.

BBQ squad took the bold move up and opened up on my Battle Grenadiers. Surprisingly enough, my men survived! It was payback time.

And in return I poured every gun I had into this unit. He hit the ground and managed to survive. 

Meanwhile the other parts of his army moved up to support his left flank. I was guessing at this point that his objective was the hill on the top of the picture.

Abdullah managed to take out one of my Flak Grenadiers and pulled back his BBQ squad. I kept the pressure on by pushing forward - guessing that the forest was his other Objective.

I moved my Flak Grenadier behind the tank while the other bits of my army advance. Kept my Command at the back to hold my objective

By now the Allies were in full retreat and I pushed in full force

The game was won. I pushed 3 units in to capture the forest.
When Abdullah revealed his objectives, it was as I suspected. The forest and the hill. I managed to hold onto mine and took his so it was 3-2.

Time to look at 300AP very soon! 

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