Thursday, June 14, 2012

Batrep: Dust Warfare 150AP with Abdullah

Had our usual game over at PI on Monday (Dust Warfare night) with Abdullah. 150AP aside this time with more terrain as PI brought back the terrain from SPORECON 2012. Using Battle Builder we came up with Key Position and Force Collision. 

So we both had to secretly nominate 2 terrain piece each and then mark it on a paper. We have to capture this using our Unit Leader and not vehicles by the end of the game. Each are worth 1VP but if you capture your opponents' objective (it's secret so you need to guess by looking at his deployment), their Objective is worth 2VP. 

I took the left side of the field and hid my Ludwig behind a tall crumbled wall

While the rest of the army deployed behind my Infantry 3 units. My objectives are actually the 2 craters - one with the dice and the other one the larger crater up front. I planned to advance and capture one of his. 

Just another view of my deployment

Abdullah deployed his army behind the strangely familiar looking crates.

I moved my units up quickly to gain as much ground. 

While this overpowered BBQ squad moves to counter my army on my left flank

I was second guessing and though this terrain on our right was his objective with so much support coming from his walker. 

With his guys out in the open, I took aim and released! 

Said shot. Killed one man...

Abdullah returned fire to suppress most of my units

Gave the Blitzkrieg order to move them forward each turn. Putting my objective so far up was a bad mistake..

A view as we continue to jostle for position. My left flank was held only by the Heavy Laser Grenadiers. They were the perfect counter against his Light Walker

Using my Ludwig as my anchor, I tried to hold on to my objectives as much as I could

Sent my lone machine gunner from my Command squad and summarily executed his man on the hill

Light Walker then returned fire into my Command Squad

In Abdullah's Turn 4 he managed to roll incredibly well destroying most of my army! 

With nothing much remaining, I consolidate my position into my crater. At the end of Turn 5 this was all that was left of my Germans. Ouch!  
Underslung Grenade Launchers and BBQ squad are really powerful! BBQ squad especially. With a 12" move, it really mitigates his short range. Coming into well over 10+ dice against Inf3 is amazing! I have another list in my mind and I will put it together for the next game which is likely going to be 300AP. Talk about escalation. 

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  1. Wow the table looks horribly bare! It looks like an open battle fighting over bumps in the ground.



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