Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dark Angels - 3rd battle company WIP

Part of my 3rd battle company of my Dark Angels army are in the newer mark armors. After the destruction of Caliban, many of the forces loyal to the primarch Lion El Jonson suffered terrible loses against their own Calabanite kin. These veterans have been tested in battle so much so that some of their power armor is beyond repairable. As Dark Angels adhere to traditions in the most orthodox manners, these battle brothers have no choice but to don the less ornamental modern power armor. These models are part of the first warhammer models I have ever painted. Thats why the texture seems a bit rough... They've been repainted over atleast 3 times over the years.


  1. Great work there! You are giving me the itch to start painting my Dark Angels!

  2. Good stuff! I like the reversed-grip on the Chainsword, really gives the the unit that little extra something to make them pop on the tabletop. Keep up the great work!

  3. So much love for 40k, no love for Dust! Lol



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